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[Fixed] Roku Error Code 014.40 |7 Quick Solution|

Are you worried about Roku error code 014.40? Are you unable to fix it? Realy no need for nervousness because I am here to introduce you to the proven fixes for this error.

Many of the Roku users have shared their issue that they are unable to connect the Roku device to the TV.  If you are one of them, just stay with me and we’ll fix it swiftly.

Roku error code 014.14
Roku error code 014.40/

Actually, Roku is a device that streams many a film and TV channels after connecting to the Wifi. The Roku device has its own memory and processor. Roku error code 014.40 appears on the screen when you remain unable to connect the Roku device to the Internet.

Finally: it is a connectivity issue. Let us check the reasons! why this error appears?

Why Roku Error Code 014.40 appears?

Do you think it is difficult to diagnose Roku error code014.40? Not at all! it is pretty easy to find the reason. It may be:

1: Wifi Information; If you are giving wrong Wifi information (IP address and Password) you will get Roku error code 014.14. 

2: Need to reset Roku; The reason behind the occurrence of Roku error code 014.40 may be that the Roku device needs reset. It may need to reboot.

3: Cache; sometimes the files are corrupted and need to configure the cached files. 

4: Mac address filtering; If Mac filtering id turned on, on your router. It is possible that your ID id restricted by the router and cause Roku error code 014.40.

5: Poor signal strength; Roku is a device that streams videos when it is connected to the strong signal of the internet. Otherwise, it will show Roku error code 014.40. 

Without stretching the discussion I want to let you towards solutions. These are;

Solution 1: Check Wifi Information

Whenever you have to face Roku error code 014.40, first of all, I recommend you to check your Wifi information. Check whether you have entered the correct IP address of the router. Secondly, check whether you have entered the correct Wifi password. Make sure the password is case sensitive and if you have a special character in the password enter it in an exact way.

Roku error code 014.40
Roku Wifi setting/

After putting the Wifi information in the same way you have set in, check that the Roku error code 014.40 vanished or not.

Solution 2: Check for Wired Connection

If your router is connected with the Roku device via wire, make sure the wire is inserted in the proper way. Make sure that you are using fine wire and not a damaged one. If you fond something wrong with wire then change the wire.

Roku error code 014.40
Roku wired connections/

Make sure all the wires are fine and check that the error persists or not. Still, facing the error? Let us move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Reset the Roku Device

It is a highly recommended solution to get rid of the Roku error code 014.40. Let us start;

Press the Home button 5 times from Roku remote, then press Fast, Forward, Play, Rewind, Play, Fast, Forward.

One thing you must keep in mind that the sequence of the buttons should be the same as given above.

Roku error code 014.40
Remote functioning/

A new screen will appear like this. Click on the System operation menu.

Roku error code 014.40
Resetting system/

In the System operation menu click on Disable Network Pings.

Roku error code 014.40
Disable network operation

and it will change into Enable Network Pings.

Roku error code 014.40
Enable network operation

I am sure will resolve the problem. Before you check for the Roku error code 014.40 resolved or not, I recommend you to reset the system. For this purpose go the Home menu and then go the Settings menu, click on the System Restart and hit on Restart. After a few minutes, your system will be back. The pleasing thing is, the error will be resolved.

This trick works 99%. I assure you to get rid of the Roku error code 014.40 by following this one minute trick.

Solution 4: Reconfigure Network Setting

Reconfiguration of network settings is recommended by Roku users. It worked for many of the users.  Let us see how to configure network settings in order to eliminate Roku error code 014.40

Go to the “settings” on TV with the help of remote, then click on “System”.

Roku error code 014.40
Resetting network/

and then select “Advanced System Settings”.

Roku errpr code 014.40
network restore

Click on “Network Connection Reset” and then “OK”.

Type the code given on the screen and reconfiguration will take place. Enter the secret Roku pin code if it is required. After the completion of the process choose the internet connection Wireless or Wired according to yours.

Roku error code 014.40
Resetting Wifi network/www.tom’

Choose or enter the exact IP address of your wireless network.

Roku error code 014.40
Roku Connecting the network/

Enter the case sensitive password. After that click Connect.

Roku error code 014.40
Enter Wifi password to connect/

On the other hand, if you choose wired connection insert ethernet cable in the wireless router. After the connection takes place Check that the error is solved or not.

Solution 5: Power Cycle Your Devices

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions to eradicate the Roku error code 014.40 and you are still unable to remove it, try another useful trick.

Disconnect your Roku device from TV and turn it off. Turn off the wireless router and the TV. Remove the power cable from the TV as well as from the router.

Roku error code 014.40
Unplugging to reset/

Press and hold the power button for two minutes when the router and console are plugged out.

After that plug in again both, the router and TV.

Roku error code 014,40
Plugin devices/

Attach the Roku device with the router and check for the error code 014.40 is resolved or not.

Solution 6: Poor Signal Strength

Roku is such a device that streams so many channels and movies on high internet connection. If there are some things with your wired or wireless internet connection that make the signal strength poor. If your router is far away from the TV, bring it near or use the

Wifi booster device in order to strengthen the signals.

Solution 7: Update Your Firmware Via USB

If you have tried all the tricks mentioned above and still facing Roku error code 014.40? If it is so, it is really annoying

But wait a bit before quit. I’ve another option to solve this annoying trouble. Your unit’s firmware might not be updated. It might be the reason your TV is not connecting to the internet and appear Roku error code 014.40. But how firmware can be updated when TV is not connecting to the internet. It is possible via the USB port of the TV.

Open your search engine and write and then hit Support.

Select your product type and enter the model number.

Scroll down the page and download the upgrade file under Downloads. Transfer the files to the USB device.

Connect this USB device to the USB port of the TV. Visit the TV menu with the help of a remote.

Go to Support and hit Software update and next Update Now.

Roku error code 014.40
TV software update/

After the completion of the process click Yes. The smart TV will start updating. once it is done, try to connect to the internet.

As I have tried my best to provide you all the possible solutions in order to tackle the Roku error code 014.40. I provided these solutions after a great struggle. I hope you will find it useful. Besides this, I want to share a video clip so that it might be helpful for you.

Final words,

Here is all about the Roku error code 014.40. It is very annoying when you try again and again to connect your Roku with TV but remain fail. It is very sad to say if you had not solved your issue even after trying all the solutions given above. Make a call with the Roku help center and inquire what the matter is actually.