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7 Actionable Ways To Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Written by Tabassum Altaf

So, your plan was to watch some thrilling movies at the weekend but your Netflix crashed and popup the following error?

“Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds. Code: UI-800-3”

The solution is simple.No matter, you’re struggling with Netflix error-m7111-1931-404, Netflix Error code tvq-st-103, or Code: UI-800-3, these errors can be fixed with some simple steps. Let’s break the solutions down.

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Description of Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Netflix error code “UI-800-3” is a familiar technical error. Netflix error code “UI-800-3” arises when the Netflix app is not able to stream the video properly and continuously.

This error shows that there is a problem with application data stored in the devices. And stored data need to be refreshed.

Reasons behind Netflix error code UI-800-3

There may be a possibility that this error occurs due to corrupted cached data stored by the app, or with the app itself.

So some common things that you can do to fix the error code UI-800-3 are shutting down the device, Clear the cache data of the Netflix app, and also included reinstalling Netflix.

Methods to Fix the Error Code UI-800-3

Here are easy and quick solutions to fix the error code “UI-800-3”.

Fix1: Restart the Streaming Device

It is a simple and easy way. It means to restart the streaming device. You will have to shut down the device, unplug the device from the power board.

Then wait for some time and then restart it.

Fix2: Sign out from Netflix

Simply, a sign-out from a Netflix and signing back can easily fix the error. Sometimes, this easy action is enough to refresh the data and fix the error.

If you are facing difficulty in sign out from Netflix on the device, then you can sign out from the official Netflix website.

Through the Netflix website, you can sign out from all the devices at a time.

Note: But keep in mind, this method will sign you out from all the devices that you use for Netflix.

Fix3: Clear the Netflix app data or Cache

Sometimes, cache data could be a reason for the error code “Ui-800-3”.

As there can be a corrupt cache file that can be the cause of the error. Some devices clear cache data automatically when you restart them.

Well, some devices give the option to their users to clear the cache data. You can also utilize this option to clear the cache data.

Fix4: Reinstall the Netflix app:

If above the methods did not work to fix the error code “UI-800-3”. Then you have to uninstall the Netflix app and then reinstall it.

This method also works for those devices that do not have an option to clear the cache.

Note: Some devices have a built-in Netflix app, it cannot be uninstalled.

Fix5: Reset the Device Setting

If you attempted modifying your streaming device, through resetting you can reset everything to the default.

Fix6: Check Home Network connection:

Sometimes, internet connections also cause the error code “UI-800-3”. Due to internet connection failure, the Netflix app might be not able to connect to the internet servers.

For this, you have to check out the Wi-Fi connection and also the wires and router.

For this, you have to unplug or power off the device, then also unplug the modem and as well as router. Then turn them on

Fix 7: Talk with Netflix Help Center

In the last, we prefer you to take help from the official Netflix website.

The official Netflix website has detailed information to fix the error code UI-800-3 on various types of devices.

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