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7 Actionable Ways To Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Watching thrilling movies with your friends at the weekend is exciting, but when Netflix crashes you have to fix the Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3.

Since it is one of the largest online streaming platforms, it offers a wide range of content. It provides a variety of TV shows, movies, videos, and online shows.Therefore, some users may encounter Netflix error-m7111-1931-404, Netflix Error code tvq-st-103, or Code: UI-800-3

Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Netflix has an app for every device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, Netflix is available on other streaming platforms, including Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Roku, Blu-ray Players, Set-top Boxes, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo. So, this error may occur on any device.

No worries, fixing this error UI-800-3 is not an uphill task. The solution is so simple. This error can be fixed with some simple steps. Let’s break the solutions down.

Description of Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Netflix error code “UI-800-3” is a familiar technical error. It arises when the Netflix app is not able to stream the video properly and continuously. This error shows a problem with the application data stored in the devices, and the stored data need to be refreshed.

Several variations of this error can occur when streaming Netflix on your preferred video device.

There are a few possible variants of the UI-800-3 error, including:

  • UI-800-3 (10018): It notifies that your streaming devices need to refresh cached data.
  • UI-800-3 (205040): It shows a need to refresh cached data on your streaming devices.
  • UI-800-3 (307006): Possibly a hardware problem.

Reasons behind Netflix error code UI-800-3

There may be a possibility that this error occurs due to connecting a wrong VPN server, corrupted cached data stored by the app, or with the app itself.

You can resolve the code UI-800-3 error by shutting down your device and refreshing the stored app data. In case this process still doesn’t work, try the following methods.

Methods to Fix the Error Code UI-800-3

Here are easy and proven methods to fix the error code “UI-800-3”.

Fix1: Restart the Streaming Device

Restarting your streaming device is the simplest and easiest way to fix the Netflix code UI-800-3 error. You will have to shut down the device completely and unplug it from the switchboard. 

Wait for 1-2 minutes and plug it in again. Then restart it and play Netflix again.

Fix2: Sign out from Netflix

If the error persists, simply sign out of Netflix and sign back in. This simple action is sometimes enough to refresh the data and correct the error.

If you are facing difficulty in signing out from Netflix on the device, then you can sign out from the official Netflix website.

You can sign out from all devices simultaneously through the Netflix website.

 If you want to sign out from an error screen:

  1. Go to More Details.
  2. Click Sign out or Reset to sign out.
  3. Re-login to Netflix and try it again.

You can log out of Netflix from your Netflix Account page if you have trouble logging out from the Netflix app.

  1. Go to your Netflix account page, select the down arrow beside your profile photo, and then select Sign out.

Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

2. Try logging back in, pairing your device(or devices) back up, and seeing if the error UI-800-3 has disappeared.

Point to be Noted: Remember that this method will sign you out of all devices you use for Netflix. Ensure that each device is signed in separately after reconnecting or signing in.

Fix3: Clear the Netflix App Data or Cache

Occasionally, cache data can cause the error code “Ui-800-3”.

It is possible that a corrupt cache file is the cause of the error. The cache data of some devices is automatically cleared when they are restarted. The cache data of some devices is automatically cleared when they are restarted.

Well, some devices allow their users to clear the cache data. Clearing the cache data can also be accomplished with this option.

Netflix may be able to clear your locally stored data without uninstalling the app on some streaming devices. For instance, Using the system settings, you can clean your Fire TV’s cache.

Note: It is important to note that each streaming device uses a different method of clearing cache data.

Fix4: Uninstall the Netflix App and Reinstall it

If the above methods did not work to fix the code “UI-800-3” error. Then you have to uninstall the Netflix app and then reinstall it.

This method also works for those devices that do not have an option to clear the cache.

  1. To access the menu on your device, press the Menu Button
  2. Choosing Netflix from Installed will take you there
  3. You can uninstall the application by clicking the Uninstall button

Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

To reinstall the Netflix app:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your streaming device, and select Search.
  2. Enter Netflix, then select it.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Upon completion of the download, click Open.
  5. Click on the Sign In button.
  6. Log in by entering your Netflix email address and password and watching Netflix again.

Note: Some devices have a built-in Netflix app that cannot be uninstalled.

Fix5: Reset the Device Setting

If you attempted modifying your streaming device through resetting, you could reset everything to the default. This resetting process works effectively on your fire TV or Roku, but if you have Samsung smart TV, then you have to reset your Samsung smart Hub to remove the code UI-800-3 error. 

When you reset the Smart Hub, all your apps are removed, including Netflix. You have to download those apps again in order to use them again. After the download and installation process has been completed, try to watch Netflix again, and see whether the problem has been resolved.

Fix6: Check Home Network Connection

The error code “UI-800-3” may also occur when Internet connections are not working. The Netflix app might be unable to connect to the internet servers due to an internet connection failure.

This requires you to check your Wi-Fi connection as well as your router and wires.

If you have not done so already, 

  1. Unplug or power off your device, and unplug your modem and router as well.
  2. Wait for five minutes.
  3. Plug the cable into the power socket.
  4. Turn the switch on.
  5. Verify whether the issue has been resolved.

Fix 7: Reset your DNS Setting

You should also re-configure Netflix VPN on your device using SmartDNS if you set it up via SmartDNS; the device allows you to access the DNS settings. You might be able to resolve the issue by checking your streaming device’s DNS settings.

Note: Only the PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Xbox360 support this method.

Fix 8: Talk with Netflix Help Center

Lastly, we prefer you to get help from the official Netflix website.

The official Netflix website has detailed information to fix the error code UI-800-3 on various devices.

Frequently ask Questions

How can Netflix error code UI-800-3 307006 be resolved?

An error code such as UI-800-3 (307006) usually indicates a hardware issue with your device. If you encounter the error, you must contact the manufacturer of the device to get it resolved. You can have your device updated with the latest firmware and factory reset by the manufacturer.

How do I fix Netflix error UI-800-3 on my LG TV?

Your LG TV might need to be refreshed if Netflix error UI-800-3 occurs. You should follow these steps to fix this issue quickly.

  1. Turn off your LG TV.
  2.  Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
  3.  Wait for 1 minute.
  4. Plug your device back in.
  5. Restart your TV and begin streaming Netflix again. The issue should be fixed now.

What do codes UI-800-3, 104001, and 100018 mean on Netflix?

UI-800-3 is an error code that can occur in various variations demonstrating multiple issues. These errors usually indicate a bug in Netflix’s app for your device. This could happen if the app’s cached data is corrupted. In most cases, you can fix these problems by refreshing the data on your device.

How do you refresh Netflix on Roku?

To refresh Netflix on Roku, you should check for Netflix channel updates by following these steps:

  1. On your remote control, press Home.
  2. Identify Netflix and highlight it on your channels.
  3. Click the Star button.
  4. Then click Check for updates.