[Fixed] Location backup issues on Xnspy phone tracker

Location backup issues on Xnspy phone tracker
Written by Tabassum Altaf

Wondering what’s wrong with the location tracker on your Xnspy phone tracking app? Well, there’s a simple fix to this obnoxious problem. But before we head over to the solution, here’s a brief introduction of Xnspy and its features for those who are just getting acquainted.

Xnspy is the best location tracker app!

If you would like to watch over your children’s whereabouts, or if you have a distributed team to look after or a suspicious partner, Xnspy works great for all of it. How? Because the software is designed in a way to cater varying needs of its users. 

Xnspy as a parental control 

Almost every modern household tech (cell phones, gaming consoles, TVs, iPads, etc.) is loaded with built-in parental controls. Still, many parents prefer third-party parental controls. Why? Because most native parental controls only offer screen-time management, while most parents are after more.

For instance, parents want options to manage their kids’ devices in different situations. For example, whenever kids ignore participating in daily chores, or dining together, or working for their assignment/exams due to their phones. Many parents like to get behind the wheels and remind their children that it’s their house and their rules. 

Additionally, many parents nowadays want to have the option to locate their children any time of the day. Kids like to do many things that their parents don’t approve of, like wandering into dangerous neighborhoods, bunking classes, or attending slumber parties while pretending to group study.

Xnspy’s all-around parental monitoring software comes with location tracking, device management, and so much more. But some people have been experiencing location backup issues. Why is it so, and what is the fix? More on this later

Location backup issues on Xnspy phone tracker

Xnspy as an employee monitoring tool

Most businesses require their employees to have company phones along with them, whether they are in-house or working remotely. Why? Because phones are the fastest way to get in touch. However, company-provided phones are often misused. Many business owners find themselves in a tough spot when their business secrets are spilled like beans. Or when a little carelessness from employees goes a long way.

If the employees are not being watchful, it also gets highly convenient for your competition to get to you. 

Having an employee monitoring app on their phones ensures that managers know what their employers are doing on their phones. This includes monitoring their phone call logs, emails, location data, and even phone calls and surroundings. Managers and team leads can achieve all that by just downloading Xnspy on their relevant teams’ phones. 

What is the location backup issue on Xnspy?

Many Xnspy users have reported on Reddit and Quora that the location tracking doesn’t work well. The backups are usually unreliable and take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours.

Let’s dig into how true is that.

We contacted Xnspy’s head of support team, Katie Ford, on how true is the story circulating on the internet. “The app has a specific way of working, especially the location tracker that relies on device displacement; a concept that many fail to comprehend even though we have categorically explained to our users,” said Katie. “Xnspy will only register a new location on the map if there’s a displacement of at least 200m from the last idle location. So if a monitored user has worked the entire day out of their office, there will very likely be just one location registered.”

Katie also explained that location tracking on iOS works differently from Android. With Android, all the phone activity is uploaded in real-time, while with iOS, Xnspy relies on the iCloud backups. “The monitored user’s iCloud could be set to back up every few hours or few days. We tell our users to change the iCloud backup settings on the monitored device. Some do, and some don’t. We can’t seriously do anything more than that.”

Whats the fix?

Well, the remarks made by Xnspy’s support team pretty much sum up what you need to do to fix the issue. But there’s a quick recap in case you missed something.

Location backup fix on Android

If the monitored Android device has stopped backing up location tracking details altogether, then it’s important to restart the device. This will result in restarting the app, too. That will very likely fix the issue. However, if you are experiencing delays in the location backups, it’s due to the displacement concept explained earlier. 

Location backup issues on Xnspy phone tracker

Location backup fix on iOS

With iOS, it’s a little more complicated than restarting the phone. Because with Xnspy for iOS, there’s no application involved. Rather, the entire iOS model relies on iCloud backups and backing them up on a third-party server, like that of Xnspy. For iCloud backups to take place perfectly, there’s a checklist that you can go through here

What else has Xnspy got?

Well, location tracking isn’t just the only reason why you should be getting an Xnspy subscription. Here are a few more reasons to hit that BUY NOW button

Phone Recording features

Location backup issues on Xnspy phone tracker

This Android-only recording feature automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls, while there’s also an option for recording phone surroundings.

Social media monitoring

With location tracking, you expect to find some leads against your suspicions. What if you could have a lot more than just a single opportunity at finding the truth?

When you pick Xnspy over other spyware programs, you get the added benefit of monitoring social sites and apps a person uses. 

Xnspy allows you to track social apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Skype, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. In most cases, you can monitor all chats, phone call logs, and shared multimedia. 

Watchlist alerts

Location backup issues on Xnspy phone tracker

Have you ever witnessed how surveillance is done via CCTVs? There’s a person watching through the live camera feed, 24/7, to get something useful. Well, with monitoring individuals via their phones, it’s pretty much the same thing; else, you can miss out on important info. 

Imagine these watchlist alerts as that CCTV guy monitoring for anomalies. You can set alerts for different contacts, email addresses, locations, and even special words. For any relevant activity, Xnspy will send you notifications via email. This saves you from going through your web account too often. 

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