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How to Fix Error: Failed Linking file Resource” In 5 Minutes

Do you receive the message of “Error: Failed Linking file Resources” while doing your project on the computer? Well, it is quite obvious due to an error in your XML files. If you’re struggling with it,  this article will help you to fix the issue.

What is Error: Failed Linking file Resource?

This error comes out when Gradle encounters an error. Occasionally error also comes out as “Android resource linking failed’. Sometimes, it is a vague error. On the other hand, if the error is not vague then it means that Android Studio pointed out the error file.

The error arises when there exist problems in one or more XML files.

Error: Failed linking file Resource

Reason Behind the Error: Failed Linking file Resources

The main reason for this error is Gradle encounters an error usually a syntax or type error in XML files. There are maybe one or more errors in your XML files.

XML files are located in the folder named res folder, somehow you could find some error outside of the folder.

Here is an example” the androidanifest.xml located in “/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml”. Plus, here is an example of the layout file that would give the “Error: Failed Linking file resources” error.

Error: Failed Linking file Resource


This may happen when you have a random XML file doing nothing. It also happens when you have a null and empty attribute in your XML file.

Error: failed linking file resources

How to fix Error: failed linking file Resources?

To solve this problem you have to go through each of the XML files to estimates where the error could be. This could be time-consuming but be confident this error will disappear as soon as you find it.

If you have lots of XML files then it would be very difficult for you to find out the error in XML files.

Now, are you thinking about what have to do?

For this purpose, you have to do the following process.

1. Undo: This issue often comes when you already go through half of your work. It means that you made a change in your XML FILES that cause this error. If an error occurs because of it then you can simply undo it by pressing a combination of two keys. (Ctrl+Z)

2. Check every XML file: The second option is to check every single XML file by opening it. This is why because sometimes, after opening a problem in XML files, Android Studio then recognizes and underlines the error.

Error: Failed Linking file Resource
 Failed Linking file Resources Android Studio

As we said before, the error happens when there exist problems in one or more XML files. Check all the XML files and their duplicate one by one and fix the error that you found.

This is a java file that is giving the error.

The Android Resource linking failed can also exist if you have an error in any of your XML files.

If you are using Windows 10 or Android Studio 3.2 then the solution will be easier.

Clean the project from the menu and rebuild the project from the build menu.

Tip to fix Failed linking file Resources Error

Just go top of the Android Top menu list.

Click on the Build menu.

Then the  click on Rebuild Project, under the Build click

In this way, Android Studio finds out the error and also underlines the actual line. That can be an error file.

Hopefully, you find the solution to that error. Tell us your precious opinion about the topic and also share the experience about how you tackled this error.

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