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How To Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze |2023 Guide|

You are probably facing the Minecraft Mojang screen freeze problem and looking for the easy and best way to fix this problem.

Don’t worry, you are not alone this problem is faced by many people, but the good news is that we have found the best way to fix it.

However, to solve this problem you just need to follow the following simple steps which will help you to fix the Minecraft Mojang screen freeze problem in less than 5 minutes

So, what are you waiting for? let’s get started:

9 Solutions to Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze in Windows 10

Solution 1: Reduce the Screen Resolution

First, try the screen resolution solution by reducing the screen resolution. Simply reduce the resolution from the game’s options. If it doesn’t respond from there, you can verify that it responds from the administrator’s account. To do so. Follow the steps below!

  • Open the Start menu and type CMD

 Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze

  • Then right-click on CMD
  • On the command prompt type: Net user administrator/active: yes
  • Hit ” Enter “
  • Close the Prompt and restart the computer
  • Now, open the administrator account

Solution 2: Through Control Panel Reset

In this solution, we try to reset the game from the control panel to fix the Mojang screen freeze. Resetting the game will lose all personal settings, changing the settings to default.

To do this :

  • First, open the start menu
  • From there go to settings then click on apps
  • After that, click Apps and Features

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  • Now you have to scroll down to Minecraft and select it
  • Click Advanced Options and click Reset
  • Restart your computer again.

If you’re still scratching your head and looking for the best solutions, it’s the right time to dive into the solutions 3.

Solution 3: Use Windows Powershell

The third step that you can easily find to fix Minecraft from ” Minecraft by Mojang screen freeze error ” is using Windows PowerShell.

Here are some easy steps to use.

  • Press Windows key + X
  • Click Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • At the command prompt, type the following then hit Enter:

Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze

  • Get-AppXPackage *WindowsStore* -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage –DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_. InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}
  • Open the store, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  • Click on the Settings
  • Scroll down on under account, Click on manage your devices this will automatically open the browser
  • Remove unused devices from this list that will show up.

Did this Solution help you? If Not, then look at the 4th Solution.

Solution 4: Update your Graphics card Driver

Graphic cards are essential for gaming computers because they enhance the game’s graphics and speed. Sometimes in certain cases, the card gets old and stops responding to PC games. So in these cases, you need to update your graphics card that is compatible with your game and Pc.

By updating the graphic card, you might fix the Mojang Screen Freeze problem quickly.

If that doesn’t solve your problem then downgrade your game resolution and follow our next method.

Solution 5: Downgrade Game Resolutions

If you are unable to upgrade the graphics card, you can try lowering the resolution with the options you can still access even if the screen is still frozen. Many users have seen the screen freeze disappear.

Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze

Solution 6: Update the Game

Minecraft can cause some breaks like Mojang screen freeze if the game is not updated periodically. So, sometimes it is also a problem that the patch of the game is not updated so we just need to connect to the internet and update the patch from the starting point.

Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze

Note: The Splash screen is also known as screen freeze. Therefore, the above methods can also be applied to Mojang Screen Freeze.

If the problem is not solved by all the given methods, then follow our last 3 steps. Of course, this will solve your problem completely.

Solution 7: Reinstall Minecraft

Another way to remove the screen freeze is to simply uninstall Minecraft from our computer. All we have to do is follow these simple steps to install.

  • First, open the start menu
  • Type app and then apps and features
  • Scroll down to the app
  • Select it and then click on the option Uninstall

Voila! You have successfully installed the game, reinstall it now. Hopefully, using this method will solve the problem of Mojang Screen Freeze.

Solution 8: Uninstall Game through the Uninstaller App

Sometimes, when you uninstall a program, app, or game, it is not uninstalled properly.

As in outcome, its reinstallation doesn’t effect the bug or programs which show up. Therefore, you have to download an uninstaller for the computer through which you can extract and uninstall the program and all of its files that are hidden in some folders.

As a result, its reinstallation does not affect bugs or programs that appear. Therefore, you need to download the uninstaller for the computer through which you can extract and uninstall the program which is hidden in some folders.

After installing the software, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Open the uninstaller and scroll through the apps
  • After finding the Minecraft/mahjong app, click on it
  • Uninstall option would appear there
  • Press uninstall and press OK to delete all the files

That way, practically all the files will be removed and install the Minecraft again, you will see that the game is working fine now the Mojang screen freeze problem is no more.

Fix Minecraft Mojang Screen Freeze

Solution 9: Delete Files in Cache

Sometimes you see that some files are lost in the C drive, and we can’t find them properly, and the uninstallation process did not affect the screen freeze on the game.

Therefore, you need to delete these files from the computer. So, after the uninstallation of the app, you need to delete these files.

To do this, we follow these simple and easy steps

  • Open Drive C: User delete all files naming Mahjong
  • Then we delete all files from User _ name
  • Now from App Data
  • After that Microsoft. WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe
  • Lastly from the local cache

Restart the computer after deleting all these files. Then install Minecraft and you will see that the screen freeze problem is solved.

How to Fix Mojang Screen Freeze 14.1 on PS4

Mahjong Screen Freeze 14.1 is used for PS4 because it runs 14.1 software. If you want to solve this MOJANG screen freeze on PS4, you should follow these simple steps.

  1. Close the Application by pushing the options button.
  2. Open the Network in settings and disconnect the internet
  3. Now go to Storage options and select Minecraft
  4. Press the options again and the delete options will appear, just select the options and press OK. When the application is deleted, remove the disk and re-insert a few minutes later
  5. Now you need to reinstall
  6. After reinstalling, turn on the internet again
  7. Next, you go to the Minecraft option and click Options again in the options. You will see the update icon.
  8. Click on Update

Note: For players who have the game on a PS4 account, you must delete and re-download it after restarting the PS4.

Final words 

These are some simple steps through which we can easily fix the Minecraft Mojang screen freeze. So, did you find it helpful? Do you have any concerns about the above steps or other Minecraft issues? Please share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below.