Directv Error Code 771
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How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 771 Like An Expert

Are you facing DirecTV error code 771? Don’t worry we got you! We will help you get rid of this popped-up error in no time.

There could be two possible reasons; either the channel you are trying to watch is not included in your programming package or the receiver is not getting the desired information of the particular channel.

It usually happens due to the incorrectly configured system or some irregularity in the registry of windows. DirecTV error code 771 can be fixed via software that doesn’t just restore the registry but balances the system settings as well.

Easy Ways to Fix DirecTV error code 771

Even though error 721 depicts the information why it has occurred or where it has caused malfunctioning that eventually helps the manufacturer to fix it but there is a possibility that error might have occurred in a different location within the application thus, it is not easy for the user to fix it without technological help or software.

1# Verify all the Connections Between Satellite and Power

Encountering DirecTV error code 771 on your TV screen? Before shelling out your money to a technician make sure that all the wires are plugged-in their right places and the receiver is firmly attached to the power connection and the button is turned on. Troubleshooting usually occurs when the cables aren’t connected firmly so make sure all the wires are connected before panicking.

2# Bad Weather Conditions

Storms and bad weather could be one of the reasons that your TV screen displays an error code 721 and in this case, you cannot do much about it since it will get better on its own as soon as the weather condition gets better you are good-to-go!

3# Dish Alignment

Make sure all the connections between the receiver and dish are aligned properly, there is a possibility of failed/incomplete installation and in that case, you need to call for assistance to get it installed properly.

4# Check your Package

Following are the two messages that usually pops-up on your screen in case of DirecTV error code 771

  • The required channel is not in your programming package
  • A receiver cannot process the information

Encountering error 721 on your DIRECTV – How to fix it?

By following these steps you can update your programming package as per your desires!

5# Services Need to be Refreshed

Even after updating your programming package, the message of DirecTV error code 771 still appears then you might need to refresh the services that may fix the problem!

Encountering error 721 on your DIRECTV – How to fix it?

6# Reboot your Receiver

  • Unplug the wire of power from the board
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug it again.
  • Press the button of power to reboot your receiver.
  • Refresh your system and you are good to go.


Various error codes could appear on your screen when there is an error with DIRECTV. We have provided the best 6 quickest ways to get rid of DirecTV error code 771 ASAP so you can watch your favorite show on your screens.

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