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How to Fix a Cracked Phone with Toothpaste? 4 Unbelievable Solutions

You might be wondering about how to fix a cracked phone with toothpaste? I know this sounds wired, but it’s true. Nowadays, the mobile phone is used for many purposes. Phones assist us with many things so that it is difficult to do something without them. It is a small gadget for us.

 Is your phone fell accidentally from your hand? Want to fix its screen quickly? Well, don’t be panic. Just follow this simple advice to quickly restore your cell phone for a short time. Using these remedies your phone gets enough time to reach the profession easily. Sometimes we are afraid to use remedies.

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The following solution might be helpful for you:

Things required to fix a cracked phone with toothpaste:

  1. A Clean Towel
  2. Lint Free Cotton Cloth
  3. Cotton swab
  4. White Toothpaste
  5. hot air blower
  6. towel

Fix the cracked phone with toothpaste:

Now let’s get straight to the point. How we can fix the cracked phone with toothpaste. I know this is not easy but this is the best quick solution. We can use this for our purpose easily at home. At least this solution will help you to remove crake for a short time.

What ingredients do you need to fix the phone?

  • Toothpaste
  • cotton swab
  • clean towel
  • Line-free cotton cloth

Now start the procedure to solve our problem, here are the simple steps.

First Step: You need to put a towel on the table and then placed a mobile on the towel that it faces you.

Second Step: Blow the phone screen with the high compressed air(hairdryer).

Third Step: Now clean the edges of the screen using the towel that all dust will remove from the phone screen.

Fourth Step: Now apply a little amount of toothpaste on a cotton swab edges, apply the tooth gently on the screen. The excess toothpaste should be removed from the screen edges, remove the tooth with the finger, then clean the finger.

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Sixth Step: Apply the toothpaste with a cotton swab on the screen until it covers the screen completely. Hold the phone from left put the tip covered with toothpaste, and hold from the left-hand side of the crake then press gently that the crack covers the crack completely. Now remove the tip and clean the extra toothpaste and through the swab out

Seven Step: Clean the screen with the soft line-free clothe.


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The screen of the phone is now cracked free. All crakes will now remove from the screen. Generally, all crakes will remove from the screen with the process.

You also watch this video it will help .how you will follow all steps. It provides you with clarity and removes all misunderstanding. There are a couple of other videos available to may also all these.

Final words:

The simple solution that you can do at home. Just simple ingredients already available in the home. The toothpaste, cotton swab, lint-free cloth, towel, and compressed air(hairdryer)are the ingredients to complete the process.use the blower or any compressed air is to remove the dust.

Then dab little toothpaste on the screen, slowly and gently spread on the screen, remove the extra toothpaste from the edges of the phone. Now gently rub the toothpaste on the craked screen of the phone. Remove the tooth by using soft line-free clothes.

Apply all the simple steps mentioned above will help you to remove the cracked from the screen. Your screen will be scratch-free. If your phone is not scratched free. Then repeat the process one’s time again slowly and carefully. The crakes will definitely remove from your mobile screen.

Did you find this method helpful? want to ask something from us? Please feel free to contact us.

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How to fix a cracked phone with toothpaste: Imagine that the screen of your cellphone cracked, which would make you angry and anxious at the same time as most of your work depends on it. Now, what if we could circumvent this issue with a fairly simple and cheap method.