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[ FIXED ] Location Unavailable Issue on Find My Friends

While using Find My Friends, is the message ‘location unavailable’ popping up? Even though inconvenient for the user, there are several ways to fix it, and we are here to help you figure it out.

Apple has introduced many products, and along with those products, it has added many apps and features, catering to the user’s needs. One of the useful apps which have recently been developed is Find My Friends. This app helps the user to track their friends and family.

We will discuss in detail why location unavailable shows Find My Friends and how to fix it.

Why is Find My Friends Showing Location Unavailable?

If you see location unavailable, then there can be many reasons behind it. Most of the reasons are related to your friends’ or families’ iPhones. Those reasons are mentioned as below:

  • They might have switched off their iPhone.
  • They do not have any internet connection on their iPhones.
  • They are in a country where the app, Find My Friends, is not featured or supported.
  • The date in their device is not set right.
  • ‘Location services’ are not turned on in the device.
  • Your friend might have turned on ‘Hide My Location’ in their ‘Find My Friend’ app.

How To Fix Location Unavailable on Find My Friends?

Location unavailable on Find My Friends is not a difficult issue to deal with. You can manage the problem within few minutes. We will be listing the solutions you can try to fix the location unavailable problem.

Here are the top solutions:

    1.Closing the app ‘Find My Friends’

 Closing the app is the simplest solution to sort out the location unavailable problem. It does not involve many steps. You have to close the app, and while you are at it, delete the cache memory. Now, you can use the app again.

Often, the issue gets resolved after you close the app.

  2.Rebooting your iPhone

Rebooting your device might help with the location unavailable issue, as many programs might be running in the background.

Restarting your device depends on the generation of the iPhone you are the owner of.

Here is how you can reboot your device if you own an iPhone X, 11, or 12.  

Step 1:  You can shut your phone off by holding the side button and volume up/volume down button. A power-off slider will appear.


Location Unavailable


Step 2: Drag the slider. Now, wait for 30 seconds so your device can shut off completely.


Location Unavailable


Step 3: Once your device is shut off, you can restart it again by pressing and holding the side button.

3.Checking Internet Connection

Not having an internet connection can trigger the location unavailable issue. For you to have access to your friend’s location, their phone must have an internet connection. They can either connect their iPhone to Wi-fi or Mobile data.

   4.Correction of Date on the iPhone

If the date on your friends’ iPhone is not set correctly, it might cause a location unavailable message to occur.

Your friend can resolve the issue by setting the date right by following these steps:

Step 1: Ask them to go to Settings.

Step 2: They will see General in the list. Ask them to select it.

Step 3: Now, they will see the Date &Time. Ask them to click on it.

Step 4: They can check their Time Zone and set their time accordingly. Also, they can turn on the ‘Set Automatically.’

Location Unavailable

  5.Turning on ‘Location Services’

To locate your friend using the Find My Friend app, you must have them turn on the ‘Location Services’ on their iPhone. This is how they can do it:

Step 1: Ask them to go to settings.

Step 2:  Now, they can select privacy in the list.

Step 3: They will come across the option to turn on the Location Services.


Location Unavailable


6.Turning on ‘Share My Location’ on Find My Friend

The app allows the user to decide for themselves if they want others to locate them. To access your friend’s location, your friend will have to allow the app to make their location visible. 

This is how your friends can share their location with you through Find My Friends:

Step 1:  Ask them to open the app on their phone.

Step 2:  They will see their picture at the bottom. Ask them to tap on it.

Step 3:  Now, they can see the option to turn on ‘Share My location.’

Location Unavailable

If the location unavailable issue persists, then you can do the following:

  • Make sure your GPS is working, and the phone has access to your location.
  • You can uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • You can delete your friends from the app. Then, add them back by sending the invitation.

 Final Words: 

Location unavailable can cause hindrance in the connection you have with your friends and family through the Find My Friends app. We hope that you have resolved the issue by utilizing the above-mentioned solutions.

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