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[SOLVED]The Default Gateway Is Not Available Windows 10 keeps happening

No doubt, Windows 10 has been working hard to bring the best experiences to the table, but some Windows errors exist in many perspectives.

Well, the error “the default gateway is not available” is one of them. This error staves off users from using a stable internet connection or connecting to the network.

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

Are you one of those who are suffering from this provoking situation? Have you faced the error “the default gateway is not available”, then do not be panic.

Fortunately, you can fix this error easily:

Before explaining the solutions let’s have some lines about the reasons for the error “the default gateway is not available”.

What is the default Gateway?

This is a source that is used to connect the local network to the internet. Through this feature, you can access and enjoy the internet.

If the default gateway does not work properly on Windows 10. Your WIFI or Ethernet may not access the internet.

 Default Gateway is not Available—What’s Going On?

There are some quite often reasons behind this error that your default gateway is not available.

1.Wrong IP Address: It may be possible that your default gateway unavailable due to incorrect IP settings. In some cases, this may be because of ISP configuration settings.

2.Router Setting: Sometimes, this error may occur due to router settings and outdated drivers.

On the other side, some users revealed that the McAffee Security solution may be caused by blocking the connection.

Above we mentioned some crucial reasons that prevent you from accessing the internet connection.

Now we will learn about the fixes of the error “the default gateway is not available”.

How do I Fix Permanently Default Gateway is Not Available?

As it is said before that this error prevents you from accessing the internet connection. But with less effort, you can fix it.

Fix1: Check out the Network Hardware Connection

First of all, you need to check out if your network hardware is connected. Plug out the router and then re-plug it again.

Sometimes, it works, after reconnecting the router the error will be disappeared.

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

After doing this if the error the default gateway is not available exists then it may be due to a network driver or setting issue.

Fix2: Uninstall McAfee from Computer

As it is mention above that many users reported that McAfee could be caused of this error. Removing McAfee from your devices can help you to fix “ the default gateway is not available” error.

You can remove it by using the following steps.

1. Open the start menu by clicking on the windows icon on the left side of the bottom corner.

2. Click on the setting from the left side of the pop-up menu. You can also open it with the help of shortcut keys from the keyboards, which are Window+s

3. After that, a new window will appear, click on Apps.

4. Wait for a while, then you will see all the applications that have installed on your devices.

5. Search for “McAfee”

6. Click on it then choose to uninstall option.

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

If you have installed any other McAfee applications then repeat this action to uninstall them.

After the uninstalling, the McAfee application restarts your device. Then check out the error is fixed or not. If you still struggling, time to move forward to the next solution.

Fix3: Disable Auto Logon

You will be surprised to know that this error seems on those devices which have auto-logon enable.

As the auto log on features keeps all the data related to the user’s account. Hence when users start their devices they log in to your account automatically.

So, disable the auto-logon option as it will help full for you to overcome the error.

Fix4: Update the Network Driver of Windows 10

You can do download the latest version of the WIFI drive or Ethernet driver for Windows 10. After downloading, find out if the new network driver replaces the Windows 10 default gateway.

1. Find out and open the “Device Manager” on Windows 10.

2. Then click on “Network Adapter”

3. A list of options will appear, then click on “Update Driver”

The Default Gateway Is Not Available


4. Click on “Search automatically for update driver software”.

This option will help you to search and download the available software updates for the network drivers.

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

Check if the driver is downloaded then install it.

Fix5: Uninstall the Network Drivers

If you are receiving the error “the default gateway is not available” on window 10, uninstalling the network driver is another solution to fix the error.

Once you deleted the Driver windows will automatically reinstall it.

For this:

1. Search and open the “Device Manager”

2. Then go to the Network Adapters option

3. A list of options will appear, choose the uninstall device option and confirm it

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

Now restart the device, the driver will be installed, once you boot up the device.

Fix6: Disable Power Management on Network Adapter Driver

Well in Windows 10 a new feature like power saving is introduced.

This feature is used for disabling certain drivers to conserve power. Somehow, this feature makes drivers disable permanently.

Here are the steps to do disable the option.

1. Open the “Device Manager”

2. Open the “Network Adapter”

3. Then right-click on the “Properties” option from the list

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

4. Then move on to the “Power Management” tab

5. Then deselect the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to conserve power” option. After that click on “ok’

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

Then check the issue “the default gateway is not available” should be fixed.

Fix7: Reset Network IP Address

In this method, you have to make changes to your WIFI IP. Likewise, check and observe the changes that happen in the network error.

1. Write-in Command Prompt in the search box and then right-click, match the result “ Run as Administrator.

2. In Command Prompt, Enter the netsh int ip reset input in the Command Prompt of Windows 10.

The Default Gateway Is Not Available

3. After the changing of the IP Address, check your network issues on devices.

After doing this, the “default gateway is not available” error should be solved. It should be disappeared from your device.

After solving the issue you can enjoy a speedy and smooth network connection.