Craft A Torch In Minecraft
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Craft A Torch In Minecraft – A Complete Guide

Minecraft is all about crafting the latest things for your defense and survival, and the main thing you should know is to craft a torch in Minecraft.

Not only the soul torch but the infinite lava source, increased tick speed, and Minecraft bow are also some useful inventions in Minecraft.

While digging around craves, the soul torch is a must-have. And if you don’t know how to craft, read this Minecraft tutorial.

And don’t despair as I am going to tell you how to craft a torch in Minecraft, whether standard or Redstone, in a simple and fast way.

Components To  Craft A Torch In Minecraft

Well, to make Minecraft torches, you need to assemble all the required ingredients, namely;

  1. Wooden sticks
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft
  2. Coal
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft
  3. Charcoal
  4. Redstone (for Redstone torch)
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

STEP 1:  Make Wood Sticks

For wood sticks, you need to have wooden planks first. Wooden planks can easily be made from these wood logs and located in the recipe book. Just follow the steps described below:

  1. Put your wood log in your inventory or crafting table.
  2. Put the resulting wood plank in your inventory again.
  3. Make as much as required.
  4. This will make wood planks from wood logs.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft
  5. Now, to make sticks place one wood plank in the 1st row.
  6. Put the second one, right below it, in the second row.
  7. Draw the eventual four bows down to your inventory.
  8. Redo these steps to make further bows.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

STEP 2: Hunt Coal

From going ten to fifteen blocks under the surface, you will have coal ore blocks. It is easy to mine it from coal ore blocks by using a wooden pickaxe. Well, to make a wooden pickaxe, follow  these steps;

  1. Put a wooden stick in the middle of a 3 x 3 crafting table.
  2. Put another wooden stick right below it.
  3. Now put three wooden blocks in the upper row.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

Your wooden pickaxe is being crafted. Go and hunt your own coal.

STEP 3:  Seek Charcoal

This method is a bit chaotic, but let me tell you this in the simplest way possible. For that, you first need to make a furnace.

  1. Place 8 cobblestones, leaving a space in the middle, to make a furnace.
  2. Place the furnace on the ground with the soul sand.
  3. Now open your finance, put wood logs, right above the flames, in the upper spot.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft
  4. The woods will burn to flames only if you put some flammable material down the flame.
  5. Since wood planks are more flammable than wood logs, so place wood planks in the lower spot.
  6. The wood will burn to coal when you start the furnace.
  7. Collect it and use it afterward.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

STEP 4: Find Redstone

You can easily discover Redstones while digging deep into the surface. For that, you need an iron pickaxe. If you don’t have one, follow these steps to make one.

  1. Open your crafting menu.
  2. In a 3 x 3 grid, put three iron ingots in the upper row.
  3. One wooden stick in the middle slot.
  4. One more wooden stick, right below the middle one.
  5. You are all done. Now dug deep to find red stones.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

3 Super Easy Steps To Make A Minecraft Torch

1. From coal

The simplest way to make a Minecraft torch is by using coal. Above, I told you how to hunt coal, mine them, and use them for your own benefit.

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Put one coal in the middle block of the first row.
  3. Put a stick right below the coal in the second row.
  4. This results in 4 torches and may produce blue light drag them into your inventory.
  5. Repeat the process till you get your desired torches.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

2. From Charcoal

The procedure is the same whether you make it from coal or charcoal. however the process may be easier if you use any Nintendo Switch, But for your convenience, let me describe it again;

  1. Open your inventory.
  2. Add charcoal in the middle of the 1st row and; a wooden stick in the second one below the charcoal.
  3. This will result in 4 standard torches. Drag them down to inventory.
  4. Make as much as you want.
    Craft A Torch In Minecraft

3. From Redstones

For red lightning in Minecraft, use this red stone torch. It throws a red shade to the nearby region. Now to make one, follow these steps;

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place your Redstone in the middle block of the 1st row.
  3. And now place a wooden stick in the middle of the second row, just below the Redstone.
  4. This results in a Redstone torch.
  5. Drag it down to the inventory and make as much as required.

Craft A Torch In Minecraft

In a nutshell, you can easily make your own torches in Minecraft in 3 simple ways. Lighten Not only your surroundings but also defense yourself from your rivals.

You have read all the proven steps to make torches, However, it will be easy to make a torch if you use a Nintendo switch for it. Now it’s time to take action.

Which torch do you like the most?

The standard one?

Or the Redstone one?

In either case, do let me know with a quick comment!