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Step by Step Guideline to Make a Cobblestone Generator

Are you struggling to make a batter “cobblestone Generator” in Minecraft? Minecraft introduces many items that are important in reality as well as in-game.

Those items are also crucial like other items such as bed, torch, etc.

How to make a Cobblestone Generator

“Cobblestone Generators” are also one of those items which are considered significant in Minecraft.

It helps in collecting the building material as well as it is necessary for surviving in SkyBlock.

Are you looking for some useful tips related to the topic of “how to make a cobblestone generator”? Then do not be panic, here is a clear guide.

I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will be able to make a “Cobblestone Generator”.

So let’s start the journey of making “Cobblestone Generator” in Minecraft.

Material that is Required for “Cobblestone Generator”

As we all know that for making something we need material. Similarly, in the case of “ Cobblestone Generator,” we need material so that we can build our generator.

Martial that we need for making cobblestone generator.

  • Three iron for the bucket: You will need three iron. You can find the iron underground or in the walls of the cave. Then melt the iron in the furnace and give the shape of the bucket.
  • A Source of Lava: Sometimes, Lava seems in the pool on the surface. But the important thing is that you will need to go underground Y:9 for them.
  • A Source of Water: You can find a source of water in Minecraft for “Cobblestone Generator”.


  1. To spare your time, you can create two buckets so that you could hold lava and water at a time.
  2. You can use ice rather than a water bucket. For this, break the ice and get it into water. ( You can avail of this option if you are a player of SkyBlock.)

Steps for Making a Cobblestone Generator

There are simple steps to make a cobblestone generator. By following these steps you can easily create your cobblestone generator.

Here are the steps.

 Dig a Hole for the Water

Step1: Dig out a block to make a hole for storing water in the hole.

Store the water in one block hole.

Cobblestone Generator
Water hole-Cobblestone Generator

Add the water into the block. It should fall into the hole.

Dig a Hole for Lava

Cobblestone Generator
Lava hole-Cobblestone Generator

Step2: Dig out the second hole next to the first hole. You have to dig out two-blocks for storage of lava.

Put down the lava into the next hole of water. If you break the stone, then further stones should come back to the same place.

Mix up Lava and Water:

Step3: You have to break down the blocks which are separating the lava and water. After a few seconds, you will observe a whizzing sound. You will notice that the cobblestones block will create.

Cobblestone Generator
Mixing of water and lava

Creating Cobblestone:

Step4: The generator will start to create a huge amount of cobblestones.

Cobblestone Generator
Creation of Cobblestone

Cover the Generator:

Step5: Cover the lava as well as water so that dirt, clay, etc do not fall into the generator.

It will also help you to deter the burning of your cobblestone.

More importantly, cover the generator because it might be possible that you fall in the generator. Indeed, Prevention is better than cure.

Cobblestone Generator
Generator’s safety

Dig a Hole in front of Generator

Step6: Cut down and break the block in the front of the generator to stand in, so that you could see and pick your cobblestone easily.


Q1: What is the use of a Cobblestone Generator?

Answer: A cobblestone Generator is used to create cobblestones with the help of lava and water.

Q2: What are the benefits of cobblestone in Minecraft.
Answer: There are lots of advantages of cobblestone comparing to other materials.

• Cobblestones do not get dirty and dusty in dry weather.
• Moreover, they do not get messy in wet weather.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed the article and I hope that you have got to know the procedure of making a cobblestone generator.
If there is missing something then tell us in the comment section.