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How to Clean Monitor Screen with 2 Easy Methods

Is your monitor screen a mess? Do you have streaks and smudges all over the place and wondering about how to clean the monitor screen?

Or you are a gamer, but your gaming monitor has spots and other blemishes which affect your gaming experience?

It’s time to clean it, because your monitor is a valuable piece of equipment, so it’s important to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to clean the monitor screen using 2 easy methods.

So, let’s get started.

Precautions for Cleaning Your Monitor Screen

When it comes to cleaning your monitor screen, you should keep a few things in mind before doing so.

  1. Make sure you unplug the power cord before you start cleaning. This will prevent any static electricity from harming your computer.
  2. Use a soft, clean cloth to avoid scratching the screen.
  3. Be careful not to use any harsh chemicals on your screen, as they can damage it.

Moreover, With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your computer screen looking its best, without any risk of damaging your screen.

Now let’s move forward to the 4 easy ways of cleaning your monitor screen.

2 Easy methods For Cleaning Your Monitor Screen

Method 1: Use a Screen Cleaner Spray to Clean Your Monitor Screen

The first method is to clean your screen with a screen cleaner spray, it is a great way to clean your monitor screen. It’s quick and easy to use, and it will leave your screen looking like new.

However, the following are the two screen cleaner sprays with its using steps:

1. EVEO Screen Cleaner Spray

Are you looking for a way to clean your monitor screen without having to leave your home?

Look no further than EVEO Screen Cleaner Spray, this product is designed specifically for cleaning monitor screens.

Following are the simple steps to follow:

First Step: Turn off your monitor and unplug it from its power source.

clean monitor screen

Second Step: Spray EVEO Screen Cleaner Spray onto the cloth, not directly onto the screen.

clean monitor screen

Third Step: If you have a curved monitor, gently wipe the screen in a circular motion, with the cloth until it is clean. Avoid putting too much pressure on the screen.

clean monitor screen

Fourth Step: Once the screen is clean, use a dry part of the cloth to remove any residual cleaner.

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Fifth Step: Plug your monitor back in and turn it on. Enjoy your clean screen.

2. SANITECH Screen Cleaner

The second best way to clean your monitor screen is using SANITECH screen cleaner. Therefore, It provides you best results without any streaks.

Here is how you can do it:

First Step: Make sure your screen is turned off. You don’t want to be cleaning your screen while it’s on because you could end up pushing around debris and causing streaks.

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Second Step: Apply some screen cleaner to the cloth. You don’t need a ton, just enough to lightly dampen the cloth.

Third Step: Start wiping your screen in a vertical or horizontal motion, until you’ve covered the entire surface.

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Fourth Step: Take a dry, soft cloth and lightly go over the screen again to remove any excess cleaner.

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Fifth Step: Turn on your PC, and enjoy the better and clean look of the screen.

You can also use this screen cleaner to clean the screen of other appliances such as an Ipad, tablets, etc.

Method 2: Use Simple Household Items

It’s easy to clean your monitor screen with simple household items. And the best thing about it is you don’t need to leave your home, and not to buy any product.

1. Use a lint-free cloth

This is a simple method to clean your monitor screen at home, all you need is just a smooth and lint-free piece of cloth.

First Step: Take the cloth and wipe the whole screen smoothly.

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Second Step: Also clean the remaining part of the monitor.

Third Step: You’ll go to use the monitor now.

2. Use a dish soap and water solution

If there are hard smudges and streaks on the screen that are not removed with the simple cloth you have to try a dish soap and water solution.

First Step: Take a dish soap liquid, and mix some water in it as much as required.

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Second Step: Mix them to make a good solution.

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Third Step: Get a microfiber cloth, sink it in the solution, and slowly wipe the screen.

Fourth Step: It’s better to wipe the screen in a vertical or horizontal way instead of wiping in a circular way.

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Fifth Step: Make your monitor screen dry with a dry cloth.

Sixth Step: It’s better to moisten a little, the microfiber cloth with a screen cleaner, to make the screen shiny.

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So, there you have it. Everything you need to clean your computer screen and keep it looking new. we hope you found this guide helpful.

Moreover, by following these simple steps, you can avoid streaks, spots, and other blemishes on your screen and keep it in good condition for years to come.