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[Quick Fixes]How to Connect Switch to a laptop? 

People often ask can we connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop? Well, If you’re asking to connect Nintendo Switch to the laptop directly, then my answer would be simply  “No”. But If you’re looking for ways to connect with the help of tools, then, thanks to your luck  “Yes” you can do it.

As we all know, Nintendo is a famous device for playing games. It has lots of fantastic games. Nintendo Switch has become a popular game for its ability. Game lovers can enjoy the games at home. You can play games officially on Nintendo Switch on its handheld.

Well, You can connect it with a laptop when you docked. In this way, you can enjoy games on a big screen. Without beating around the bush, let’s break each element down.

 How Can We Connect Nintendo Switch to the laptop?

Well, you can not directly connect Nintendo Switch with a laptop. You require some tools to connect Nintendo Switch with the laptop. You will need something like HD60 or an Aver media device that has an HDMI input. Another thing is needed that is USB3. Probably, you have all the devices which are compelled. If you don’t have, then you have to break your bank to buy these gears.

Tools that You Require for Connecting Nintendo Switch to the laptop

You can connect your Nintendo Switch with a laptop with the help of these tools. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Nintendo dock
  • Video Capture card
  • HDMI cable
  • A software like OBS Studio
  • A laptop

Maybe these things are new to you. So, I am going to explain every tool below:

1.Nintendo dock

You can use the official Nintendo dock that comes with Switch. This device is used for connecting Nintendo Switch with a laptop. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy it. This accessory comes with the Nintendo switch.

You just have to attach this accessory with a laptop and Nintendo Switch through some cables and you’re all set

2.Video Capture card

For connecting the switch to a laptop, you need a Video Capture card. It is a major tool for connecting. However, many options are available in the market to buy this tool. We recommend the Elgato HD60 HDMI Capture card. Anyway, You can also buy the video capture card for your own choice.

3.HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is another important tool. You can use an HDMI cable for good quality and jaw-dropping results.

4.Video capturing software

For capturing a video and playing on the laptop you need software.OBS software is free. Want to know the best part? This software is available in all Windows, Linus, and Mac.

5.A laptop

Last but not least, You need a laptop for all this process. A laptop with a powerful hardware setup could help you to tackle this problem and run your desire software in no time.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the Laptop using an HDMI?

Here are the simple and quick steps to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop.


You need to just disconnect HDMI of the switch from TV.


Plug the Switch’s HDMI cable into HDMI In port on the capture card.


Open the game capture software that you have installed for playing game videos and switch off the Switch using a home button.


Use a USB cable to connect the capture card and laptop. The game capture HD will show the Nintendo Switch.


Click on the full-screen icon of the game capture HD application and play the game that you want to operate.

In this way, you can play your Nintendo Switch on the laptop.

Alternative Way to connect Switch to a laptop

In a case,  If you can’t buy switch then there is the only one option remains that is playing the PC version of Switch’s games expect the first franchises, including Animal crossing, Pokmon, Super Mario. But most games are available that you can buy from other sources. If you buy the games then you do not need to buy tools.

Can we connect Nintendo Switch to the Computer/TV?

Then the answer is “Yes” you can. But you can not connect it directly. You need an HDMI cable to connect Nintendo Switch to the computer as well as a TV for enjoying play games on the big screen.

So, this was all about to connect the switch to a laptop quickly. We have gathered the best tips and handed them to you on a plate for your convenience.

Now it’s your turn, did you like our awesome guide? Any suggestion or equation for us? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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