7 Best Monitors With 2 HDMI Ports

Best Monitors With 2 HDMI Ports
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Today, most monitors come with a single HDMI port. This means that you can only plug in one device to your monitor at a time. That may be ok if you are not the type of person who needs their laptop plugged in while watching TV or playing video games on their computer.

 But if you are not like this, then it is worth considering upgrading to a dual-HDMI compatible monitor. They can give you the ability to have both devices connected simultaneously without having to disconnect and reconnect cables when switching between tasks. 

 With the number of devices we carry around, it’s not unusual to have more than one HDMI port. If you’re looking for high-quality monitors that can handle all your needs, look at our article on the best monitors with two HDMI ports.

List of Monitors With 2 HDMI Ports 

Here is a list of the best monitors with eight HDMI ports that will surely help you choose your desired monitor.

AwardsMonitorsScreen sizeNamesRefresh ratePrice
Best Gaming Monitor with 2 HDMI portsBenq-Zowie-Xl254624.5 InchBenq Zowie Xl2546 240 Hz Check Price
Best Monitor With 2 HDMI Ports For Mixed UseSpectra-E248w-192024 InchesSpectra E248w-1920 75 Hz Check Price
Best Affordable Monitor With 2 HDMI PortsAsus-Vg245h24 InchesAsus Vg245h 75 Hz Check Price
Best Monitor For Business With 2 HDMI PortsSamsung-Cfg7024-InchSamsung Cfg70 144 Hz
Check Price
Most Reliable For Personal Use with 2 HDMIDell-S2719h27 InchesDell S2719h 60 Hz Check Price
Best Eye Care Gaming Monitor With 2 HDMIAsus-VP248QGL24 InchesAsus VP248QGL 75 Hz Check Price
Reliable Gaming Monitor with 2 HDMI PortsBenq-Ex2780q27 InchesBenq Ex2780q 144 Hz Check Price

Benq Zowie Xl2546: Best Gaming Monitor with 2 HDMI ports

Best Monitors With 2 HDMI Ports

Are you looking for the best gaming monitor with two HDMI ports? Then add Benq ZOWIE XL2546 to your top choice. Gaming monitors are usually built-in with enhanced features, but not all of them have more than one HDMI port. It is excellent if a monitor provides you with both qualities.

Key Features

This sleek, 240Hz monitor is the quintessential dream workstation of severe gamers. With 1ms response time, this retina-ready LED screen ensures no lag or ghosting will disrupt your game time with lightning-fast refresh rates and detailed contrast. 

Moreover, it is paired with customizable color settings to keep environments bright, vivid, and visible even in fast action games. 

Best of all?

It is protected with a removable shield against distractions plus its S-Switch function for easy navigation of computer tasks all around you, there’s just not much this eye-catching device doesn’t have to offer! 

 Just give One look at BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 24.5 Inch Gaming Monitor with dual-link DVI-D, HDMI, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason why it shouldn’t belong on your desk. Today!

  • Multi connectivity options
  • 1ms response time
  • VESA compatibility
  • Tiltable device
  • A little bit expensive

Final verdict

Although BenQ ZOWIE is best for gaming, it is not good while dealing with technical parts of your job. Still, its full height, tilting ability with the best headphones that don’t leak sound and jack input make it worth purchasing. It’s anti-blur technology makes it the number one choice for gaming with the availability of customized settings. So don’t waste your time; just click and buy this and enjoy perfect gaming experiences.

Spectra E248w-1920: Best Monitor With 2 Hdmi Ports For Mixed Use

When it comes to multiple uses, spectra-led monitors with built-in speakers can be a reliable choice for you. Because it gives you a lot of features that other monitors may not provide, such as high viewing mode in addition to a source of entertainment. 

Key Features

Meet the #1 choice monitor for all-in-one usage; this is Spectra 24 Inch 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor with HDMI VGA Ports features and a  Refresh Rate of 75HZ. 

A pixel response rate of just 5ms can let you enjoy lag-free action sequences and twitch reflex moments without ever being disengaged from the thrills at hand! 

This easy-to-use monitor has several convenient ports that let you connect various sources such as TVs, laptops, and Blu-ray players seamlessly. 

The stand is adjustable, so it can be placed anywhere your desk offers room; tilt up to 175 degrees and swivel side to side for perfect placement. Now Connecting multiple devices is as easy for you as donning an invisibility cloak.

  • Hd display
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Fine for documents display
  • The base neck is not detachable

Final Verdict

 These monitors are equipped with a standard VESA mounting screw arrangement,, but the surface where that set of threaded hols is located is curved so a group of standoffs is necessary to go between the monitor and your VESA mount. It is excellent for gaming and CAD works, but you will not be able to tilt for any customized adjustment. However, when it comes to money, it is economical to buy with a lot of other features that can only be found in expensive monitors.

Asus Vg245h: Best Affordable Monitor With 2 Hdmi Ports

Performing your daily work can be risky when you buy a cheap gaming monitor. But now, with the Asus VG245H, you don’t need to worry as it is not only affordable but also has advanced features that you can hardly see in low price monitors. Not only this, but you will also get the opportunity of multiple connections for multi-tasking.

Key Features

ASUS VG245H is a gaming monitor with 1920×1080 (Full HD) resolution, which means you get twice the picture quality of standard 720p. With an ultra-fast 1ms response time, this monitor delivers you smooth images without streaking, blurring, or ghosting. 

ASUS Eye Care technology provides eye care features such as flicker-free viewing and a blue light filter for less eye strain.  

Furthermore, Tuner Free Sync eliminates screen tearing during gameplay with AMD graphics cards to provide the smoothest visuals for your game seamless experience.

 And exclusive GamePlus hotkey offers a Crosshair overlay that allows gamers to focus by placing four different crosshairs in just about any area of their choosing.

  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • 6 pre-set the display mode
  • Customized adjustment
  • Radeon GPU
  • A difficult interface
  • Not provided with window 10 experience

Final verdict

Playing games, watching movies, and interacting with your team while sitting on your chair with your monitor in front of you can make you tired and tired; it can have a negative impact on your eyes. Then just go for this ASUS monitor if you face the same difficulty as I do. However, you don’t enjoy reading documents on this monitor because the text is difficult to read      

Samsung Cfg70: Best Monitor For Business With 2 Hdmi Ports

Business can’t be done perfectly without having a monitor that doesn’t have multiple connectivity options. Because you have to monitor your team, connect many other tools and devices with your monitor like a projector for a large view. If you are a business owner and looking to find a business monitor with 2 HDMI ports, then go for Samsung Cfg70.

Key Features

With a 1800R curvature and Samsung’s advanced motion blur reduction technology, the C24FG70 monitor delivers a beautiful cinematic viewing experience while maintaining its stunning 1ms response time. 

Even in games with fast-moving images like driving or flying simulators, the picture clarity won’t be compromised. The Arena Lighting will give you a heightened sense of presence for bright working during long hours. 

Gaming Mode Plus offers unique customization including Black Equalizer, Custom Key Reset, and Player Mode Selector to meet gamers’ various preferences. Additionally, built-in speakers for hard of hearing make gaming more immersive without external equipment.

  • Perfect colour display
  • Full hd display
  • Customized settings
  • Low volume of speakers

Final verdict

The quantum dot technology in this monitor lets you experience colour accuracy. That’s why you can use it for any working mode either for business or personal use. Not only for personal or technical use, it has overall perfect use for gaming too. Therefore, it is my preferred choice for multiple works. This is a product you will not regret buying.

Dell S2719h: Most Reliable For Personal Use with 2 HDMI

When it comes to personal use, we are always looking for a monitor that can perfectly fulfill all needs from doing work to enjoying movies and playing games. Have you also been looking for this kind of versatile piece? Simply choose Dell S2719H if you are in this situation.

Key Features

The Dell S2719H S Series Display 27″ Black will take your view to the edge. And with a sleek black design, it has an understated masculine aesthetic that any formidably chic workspace needs.

 With In-plane switching technology and 1800R screen curvature, this monitor can produce consistent and rich colors no matter where you sit.

From the top-down, this product has you covered from cinema-sound that will transport you into an immersive experience no matter where you sit in your room to a viewing angle so wide that there’s virtually no lost detail. 

 The two HDMI ports make it more reliable for personal use. It has 90% more high-definition pixels than full HD 1920 x 1080 monitors, there’s never any worry about blurriness when watching videos on this computer screen. 

  • Anti Glare led lights
  • Full hd screen
  • Perfect view angle
  • A little expensive

Final verdict

Dell comes to be most trustable when you have to make technical diagrams, write plenty of words, or do web development like coding. In fact, it is giving you all in one function that you might find in the best monitors for coding, gaming, and vertical use. The picture, sound quality, working mode everything fits your needs. Although it is a little bit expensive, it would be the best investment due to its enhanced features.

Asus VP248QGL : Best Eye Care Gaming Monitor With 2 HDMI


Finding a gaming monitor is never easy and can provide you both eye care protection with anti-glare features and add a perfect gaming experience. But now with Asus VP248QGL, you can have both facilities at a single time. So, now you can play with safety.

Key Features 

The ASUS VP248QGL 24″ Full HD 1920×1080 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Gaming Monitor is an ultra-slim, elegant design. It produces an amazing level of detail for graphics design, editing photos, and watching films.

 It complies with BSMI, CB, CCC, CE China Energy Label Level 1 ErP’s strictest safety regulations to promote the universal use of sustainable energy sources.  Eye Care Gaming Monitor promises a gaming experience with the best image quality. 

The quick response time, refresh rate of 75HZ, Flicker-free screen, and 80 million:1 contrast ratio make sure you never miss a beat. If your gaming needs go beyond 20″, this is the monitor for you!

  • Excellent colour display
  • Eye care technology
  • Full hd display
  • Built in speakers have low volume sound

Final verdict

The ASUS VP248QGL monitor includes a variety of features that increase productivity and provide entertainment whether at work or play. Its ambient lighting provides a simple way to set the right mood while you work or watch movies. However, there is no VESA and you may face some problems with speakers.

Benq Ex2780q: Reliable Gaming Monitor with 2 Hdmi Ports

Benq GW2780 is the most reliable monitor when it comes to purchasing a gaming monitor. With its excellent advanced features, it will provide you with excellent visuals and a perfect gaming experience. In fact, it is a go-to choice for people having eye flickering sensitivity due to the presence of blue light filters in it.

Key Features

This 27 inch Benq monitor will have your eyes feeling refreshed and free from strain. It has an LED back-lit IPS panel with a 16v refresh rate for a clear picture, even when you’re scrolling through pages. 

What’s best?

This PC has numerous ports that cater to all of your needs:2 HDMI ports, one Display port, one VGA port, two speakers (2 watts each), and more! Moreover, it has a refresh rate of 144HZ with 4k resolution which are its pretty features.

You’ll be able to adjust viewing angles at 178 degrees horizontally or vertically thanks to this monitor’s great viewing angle feature. Lastly, there’s no need for headache relief because this electronic screen does it all on its own. You can simply adjust brightness levels or volume levels with a 5-way navigator.

  • Nice picture quality
  • Economical to buy
  • Have anti glare feature
  • You can’t tilt it in different directions

Final verdict

The most appreciable aspect about this monitor is that it is available at a low price.  As for gamers who want to have a nice monitor for study which can be of high quality yet affordable, then they should definitely buy it. Above all, you can also use it for any technical work due to its free synchronizing premium module

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