Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch
Written by Robert

Whether you’re a gamer or just looking for a big-screen TV to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series on, the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console. 

The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a built-in monitor. Luckily, plenty of monitors can be used with the switch, and we have compiled a list of our favorites below! We’ll start by going over some features to consider when choosing a monitor for your Nintendo Switch.

So I’m sure you’re reading this because you are looking for the best monitors for Nintendo Switch. Either way, your family will thank you! You would be glad to know that Nintendo switches not only can let you enjoy gaming, but you can also share your monitors with them. 

List Of Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch

Here is the list of best monitors with Nintendo switches.

AwardsMonitorsScreen SizeNamesRefresh RatePrice
Curved Monitor For Nintendo SwitchViotek-GNV27DB 27-inchViotek GNV27DB 144HZ Check Price
Business Monitor For Nintendo SwitchDell-S2719h27 inchDell S2719h 60 Hz Check Price
Best Designing Monitor For Nintendo SwitchViewsonic-Vp276827 InchViewsonic Vp2768 60 Hz Check Price
Personal Use Monitor For Nintendo SwitchSceptre-C278w27 InchSceptre C278w 60 Hz Check Price
Best-led Monitor For Nintendo SwitchHp-Vh240a23.8 InchHp Vh240a 60 Hz Check Price
Best Gaming Monitor For Nintendo SwitchDell-Se2-417hgx24 InchDell Se2-417hgx 75 Hz Check Price
Best Portable Monitor Nintendo SwitchLepow-15.6-Inch15.6-inchLepow 15.6 Inch 60Hz Check Price

Viotek GNV27DB: Curved Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

Using a curved monitor for business, personal works, or playing games can give you another charm, unique experience. And connecting them with the switch gives another level of joy, but not all curvature monitors are best for the Nintendo switch. If you are also looking for the best-curved monitor that can work perfectly with the Nintendo switch, you should ultimately go for viotek.

Key Features

The next-gen 27-inch HD monitor is not only beautiful with its 1800R curvature but a more powerful gaming monitor. AMD Free sync, 14ms response time, 144HZ frequency, and GAME PLUS on-screen crosshairs allow gamers to pinpoint their prey. 

This upgraded model gives you the edge you need from your games. The VA panel provides stunning images on a 1920x1080p monitor with less glare. This monitor is perfect for casual gamers or those looking to take their entertainment experience even further! 

Moreover, you can also experience multiple connectivity options like VESA mounting and HDMI. This device ships as part of Viotek’s GamePlus feature – striking crosshairs show up above your targets, so accuracy is never lost, even if you can’t keep track of them yourself!

  • It is Lightweight monitor
  • Easy setup make it user friendly
  • Perfect image quality
  • Vesa mounting
  • Speakers provide low volume

Final verdict 

This curvature monitor is great for entertainment and online study, even though viotek is a new company and not very well known. In addition to the high resolution and wide-screen aspect ratio, the monitor is certainly worth buying. To make use of its low-volume speakers, you can use headphones that don’t leak sound. In conclusion, it would make a good purchase for people who enjoy gaming and watching Netflix. However, you should not use it in business. Here is our next pick for business.

Dell S2719h: Business Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

Are you a freelancer or have a business startup? Then Dell S2719H is made for you. With a large screen and advanced features, it can let you run your work perfectly. The portable glossy back cover and Nintendo switch can also give your office or working area a professional look.

Key Features

Now you can Control your monitor content on one seamless tablet or laptop display with remote functions. This 27-inch monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate,5ms response time, vivid colors, and rich backgrounds to make any run-time seem like you’re at the movies. 

With a modern, sleek Dell design, surround sound speakers, and (4) USB ports right on the back of the screen that lets you plug in devices without inhibiting workspace. 

The top of this full HD compatible monitor is indeed matte instead of glossy for an extra space-saving edge – which lets you put your desktop graphics card underneath it without blocking airflow from cooling its components.

Moreover,  A wide viewing angle enabled by In-plane switching technology helps images seem more vibrant no matter where they are displayed.

  • Bezel-less screen
  • 2 HDMI ports for multi connectivity
  • Crisp image quality for attractive view
  • Low heights of its stand

Final verdicts

You can’t rely on any monitor, especially when dealing in business or doing some technical jobs, as not all devices can handle technical parts of the company. So Dell is specifically made for this, and it is the best monitor for coding or any personal use. Its premium features and sleek designs make it more workable for office work. Moreover, it can even provide you perfect entertainment due to excellent picture quality.

Viewsonic Vp2768: Best Designing Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

Graphic designing is now emerging as a separate field in my career. So for doing professional designing, you must have a professional monitor at which you can work without any technical hurdles. Viewsonic now can provide you the perfect designing mode due to color calibration for photography. It is also capable of using along with the Nintendo switch.

Key Features

ViewSonic VP2768 PRO is at the forefront of current technology with its stunningly high resolution, fast refresh rate, and incredible color accuracy.

 Viewsonic’s professional monitor measured the minor difference between the sRGB color space and Rec 709 spectrum from Delta E<2 accuracy to ensure that their product matches any desired display need. 

With a four-sided ultra-thin bezel around all sides of the screen instead of one, this monitor makes it possible to show off more work by putting things like browsers around an edge. And beyond picture-perfect colors viewable at up to 178˚ / 178˙ viewing angles per DisplayMat. 

Moreover,  5ms response time ensures faithful FPS for chasing down enemy combatants or ghosting through alien worlds during long-played sessions of your favorite games.

  • Built-in USB ports
  • Excellent color view
  • Seamless view to make it user friendly
  • 1.4HDMI for better connectivity
  • Control buttons on the back

Final verdict

Nintendo Switch monitor from Viewsonic is 100%sRGB. Not only is it a great purchase in terms of graphics design, but it also provides you with two input latencies for playing games by using best GPU. You can edit, change colors, and modify your pictures when using advanced color changing mode. In addition to its accuracy, lightweight design, and integrated features, it has a borderless display, making it a valuable addition to gamers’ lives.

Sceptre C278w- Personal Use Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

Whenever you want to buy a monitor for personal use, you always want one that can be affordable and has all the advanced features. Now scepter is providing you both value for money and high quality. This clean look, widescreen monitor with cool features can fit all your desires.

Key Features 

For the best clarity, the Sceptre C278W-1920R is a 27″ FHD monitor with a 1800R curvature and 5ms response time. This display connects to PCs and comes with HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and speakers for connectivity. 

While it also supports a 50,000-hour lamp life to keep it looking fresh. For 178° (horizontal) and 178° (vertical) viewing angles, you get the best view of your screen that pops in color no matter how far back from the screen you stand. 

The resolution is 1920x1080p at 60 hertz, so whatever tasks or games you have going on will be displayed effortlessly without any delays in gaming performance. There are HDMI ports and DisplayPort (HDMI required). 

So your “smart home” can connect – or you can also connect headphones – just plug them in directly into the back of the speaker area of this sturdy monitor. 

  • VESA mountable
  • Easy setup to prevent any difficulty
  • Valuable for money
  • Curved led
  • Speakers don’t have a high sound level.

Final verdict

The screen, the choice of colors; everything about this monitor is perfect. A bonus of having this monitor is that it is the same price as a 24-inch screen; you get a 27-inch screen. Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable product as an affordable monitor for trading with a lot of features, you should never regret purchasing this product.

Hp Vh240a: Best-led Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for any led monitor, then HP is the best one because of VGA, HDMI connectivity, and GTG response timing. Led monitors can provide you with excellent working experience as they boost your productivity. In fact, due to the anti-glare screen, it is health-friendly too. 

Key Features

Hp vh240a Widescreen Monitor Display Full HD (1920 x 1080) 60 Hz 4 ms is a fantastic monitor with a tremendous display. It is not just for gaming but also perfect for watching movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Go/Now, or VUDU or playing Nintendo Switch games because of its fantastic design and viewing comfort. 

Gaming-wise, this product has the necessary features to deliver a better gaming experience.  The fast response time screens with high contrast can provide you with clear images from any angle, making it easier to count every sniper headshot from Call of Duty WWII! 

This monitor isn’t expensive compared to other monitors with more advanced features like Headphone Jacks or USB Slots. This certified product has many features, including HDMI connectivity and a response time of 4ms. Its 1920×1080 resolution will make you watch your games or movies like never before with its smooth frame rates and high-resolution screen.

  • Hd picture quality
  • Low input lag time
  • Best for game console
  • Average sound quality

Final verdict

The hp monitor is best for users who play long hours games on tv as it has anti-glare technology. Moreover, it has anti-glare technology that will protect your eyes from any sensitivity. At a low price, this monitor provides you with the opportunity of tilt, landscape, rotating portrait, and many more connectivity options that other cheap price monitors with 2 HDMI ports can not provide.

Dell Se2-417hgx: Best Gaming Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

Gaming can never be enjoyable without using the Nintendo switch, but it would be an excellent experience to combine the Nintendo switch and dell when it comes to dell. Don’t you want to play with perfection? If yes, then dell SE2- 417HGX is the ultimate go-to choice.

Key Features

The Dell SE2-417HGX 23.6 Inch TN, Anti-Glare, LED-Backlit Gaming Monitor is the ultimate gaming monitor for flawless visuals in incredible detail with a tear-free feature.

 With an impressive 75hz refresh rate and AMD Radeon FreeSync compatibility, you can take your performance to the next level! Its 1Ms response and tilting ability make it more user-friendly. You will also get multiple connectivity options with 2 HDMI and VESA mounting.

 You can Seamlessly switch between work and play with the enhanced dual HDMI connectivity ports. Dell’s 3-year service allows the monitor to be replaced. You need to calibrate the settings on this monitor. 

So, Downloading the recommended OSD Calibration Wizard from will get you started.

  • Anti-glare technology
  • Thin bezel make it a more premium monitor
  • Easy to use set up
  • It is not compatible with a dual monitor stand.

Final verdict

Dell has always been one of the most famous monitors, and when it comes to gaming, it is the most reliable one. One most appreciable factor is that it can be used not only for gaming, but you can also do your office work without any technical problems. Its size and image quality are compatible with multitasking.

Lepow 15.6 Inch: Best Portable Monitor Nintendo Switch

Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch

A Lepow portable monitor is what you need to perform your daily work, such as your job, study, and entertainment. What’s more, appreciating this device? Its Type C speakers can let you enjoy long hours of music. Overall, its caring eye mode allows this monitor for hours without any eye irritation.

Key Features

You can get the perfect viewing experience with Lepow Portable Monitor. The 15.6-inch Full HD IPS screen has eye protection so you can see all of your entertainment in vivid detail,  whether it’s gaming, movies, or presentations. 

Its versatility makes this monitor excellent for business trips, PC studio sessions, or home needs. Its Mini HDMI and USB C ports connect laptops, smartphones, & PCs like never before! I. 

It’s also USB C-equipped and mini HDMI compatible, so it plugs into all the big hitters: notebooks, tablets, smartphones, PS3s/4s/XBOX ONE – just name your must-have tech toy. It has a battery life of up to 12 hours max for use without cords, as well as unlimited viewing angles thanks to its eye care properties.

  • Multiple device connection
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Dual speakers and lightweight
  • Controls are too small to use

Final verdict

Because of the ports on display, this cheap monitor is better to play with. To protect the screen, the intelligent cover has been introduced. The screen protector is composed of PU leather that offers the entire display excellent protection. It may be used as a stand as well. The two built-in speakers produce the sound of excellent quality and so can entertain you for hours. It can also be used for travel and amusement at home.

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