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8 Best Headphones for Mixing: Top Choices for Music Professionals

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If you are an aspiring music creator or an audio engineer, your first priority may be producing immaculate and crisp music.

Mixing different sound elements properly and technically is the most crucial step in transforming raw recordings into songs.

A variety of tools are required for precise mixing of the frequency range, resonance, bass, and reverberation. As with other tools, the best headphones for mixing are equally essential.

You may have come across a lot of options when it comes to headphones. They all are different in specs, features, designs, and prices.

Moreover, we will walk you through the specs, merits, and demerits of the 8 top-notch mixing headphones in our guide so that you can buy the one that actually meets your needs.

Are you in a hurry? Here are our top 3 headphones. Check them out and find the one that suits you best:

Our Top Picks

  • Sennheiser HD 800 S: Best Overall

    • Hand-crafted comfortable ear pads.
    • Open back, around-the-ear design.
    • 56mm Ring Radiator transducer.
  • HIFIMAN Arya: Best for Audiophiles 

    • Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm
    • Sturdy and comfortable headset
    • Asymmetrical Ear Cups for better music signature.
  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro: Best Low Price

    • Significant spaciousness with an open-back feature.
    • Robust spring steel headband.
    • Soft and comfortable ear pads.

Considerable Technical Factors While Buying the Best Studio Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

Firstly, you should determine your needs and then select the headphones accordingly. Here are some important factors you should consider while buying a pair of quality headphones.

Frequency Response

The frequency response of headphones may be important if you’re a music producer replacing studio monitors with headphones. Sound reproduction accuracy in headphones is determined by their frequency response, which lies between 20Hz and 20KHz

Whenever you mix music, you should be aware of the response of a pair of headphones when you play different frequencies.


Impedance is another essential factor of the headphones that play a vital role in reproducing clear sounds. With a low impedance value of 32 Ohms, most average headphones cannot make loud noises and are perfect for mixing music. Compared to consumer models, professional models require an audio interface that supports up to 250 Ohms.

List of 8 Top-Notch Mixing Headphones





Sennheiser HD 800 S

Overall Amazing


4 – 51,000 Hz


Best for Professionals



Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Best in Budget




Best for Studio 


20 Hz-40K Hz

Superlux HD 681

Audio Mixing


14 Hz


For Audio Engineers


15 - 25000 Hz

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

Open Back


5 - 40,000 Hz

Sennheiser HD 600

Mixing Hip Hop, Rap


4 – 51,000 Hz

1: Sennheiser HD 800 S: Best Overall Headphones

Main Specifications

Sennheiser is a leading headphones brand that is well known for manufacturing innovative and modern tech devices in the audio tech world over seven decades. While comparing HD 800 S to its successor HD 820, our team found that HD 800 S headphones deliver a well-balanced sound, are less harsh, and have more accurate bass than HD 820. 

Key Features 

This open-back vented beast provides you critical listening experience. You can be benefited from it while producing and mixing music in the studio.

They boast of over-ear design and the solid build quality of the layered metal and plastic headband. Plus, their hand-crafted microfiber ear pads provide you with comfortable wearing even after prolonged use. While wearing them, you can’t even feel any strain or discomfort. 

These are engineered with a 56mm Ring Radiator transducer that does a great job by producing stereo sonic sound. It is incorporated into the speaker’s diaphragm and produces a hyper-fast response.

Our team found that the build quality and design add to their elegant style and coolness. Plus, they produce exemplary sound quality with accuracy and precision of the mid and highs without being overpowered by bass.



Final Verdict

Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones are best for critical listening. In addition to being more comfortable and noticeably better built, they also have superior sound quality. They come with balanced lows, mids, highs, and trebles. That’s why these headphones are the favorite one for professional audiophiles. 

2: HIFIMAN Arya: Premium Quality Headphones for Professionals 

Main Specifications :

If you are a professional audiophile and love having high-quality headphones for high-fidelity sound reproduction, the HIFIMAN Arya is the best fit. Its glossy black headband, attractive matte-black ear cups, and exterior grill give you a stunning look and provide sonic sound quality.

Key Features 

HIFIMAN Arya headphones are lightweight and comfortable for your ears due to their high-quality metal and plastic structure, as well as they are solid and durable to withstand daily wear and tear.

Our team analyzed that the use of the Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm is a unique feature of these headphones and the credit just goes to the one and only brand HIFIMAN. This breakthrough diaphragm is so thin that you can’t see it with the naked eye. With this amazing feature, these headphones give you an immersive listening experience producing natural sounds without distortion.

Our team selected them as one of our top picks due to their pure, full-range, and accurate sonic audio output produced by advanced magnet design that is acoustically transparent, making waves less susceptible to turbulence caused by wave diffraction. 

Their asymmetrical ear cups are designed to fit closely to the natural shape of your ears. That’s why you get comfortable wearing experience for extended hours. You can’t miss a beat with unmatched crisp and detailed audio.

Meanwhile, an easy-to-swap 3.5mm connector gives customization and flexible connectivity. You can connect them with your musical instrument to gain a full edge in the production and mixing process.



Final Verdict

The Arya is a feature-rich pair of mixing headphones in terms of sound quality and detail. With a Stealth Magnet. These quality cans are faster and have more precision and control/tightness in the lower frequencies. Although their price is high, they have enormous technical perks for professional audiophiles and music producers.

3: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro: Budget-Friendly Headphones

Main Specifications:

This legend offers excellent frequency response, superb soundstage and detail, exceptional isolation, optimal comfort, and breathability. These headphones are portable and ideal for travel as well. They are one of the best headphones for producing music, editing, and mixing as well. 

Key Features 

After testing The DT 990 PRO headphones, our team concluded that these over-ear and open-back models offer stunning sound quality and stunning budget-friendly price notes. That’s why our team has chosen them as one of our top picks.

Additionally, their wide stereo image and three-dimensional sound reproduction provide you with outstanding spaciousness and an immersive sound experience.

As well as being reliable studio headphones, these open-back headphones are a great choice for you if you enjoy playing with sound. 

Their feature of single-sided cable eliminates the hassle of frequently tangling cables when wearing and removing headphones. Meanwhile, these Over-ear headphones are fitted securely with a robust spring steel headband. Plus, comfortable, soft ear cups add to the convenience.

Our team found that their outstanding tonal depth allows for the perception of even small movements of the acoustic source in the mixing process. You can put an eye on the tiny details while producing, mixing, and mastering.



Final Verdict

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones are known for their detailed sound.  In testing, our team found that the open-back DT 990 PRO headphones offer a slight advantage in terms of spacious and critical listening compared to their predecessor closed-back DT 770 PRO. These feature-packed headphones are available at a lower cost than other headphones in their class.

4: OneOdio Pro 10: Headphones for Producing Music

Main Specifications:

With OneOdio studio Pro 10 Headphones, you will experience high-resolution audio, excellent sound quality, and immersive sound reproduction. These are the top-of-the-line closed-back studio monitors and mixing DJ stereo headsets. 

Key Features 

This stereo headset offers comfortable and multifunctional rich features. It doesn’t matter where you work, whether at home, in the office, or your studio. Neither do they cause sound bleeding, nor do they disturb others.

While testing, our team found their unique feature of 90° rotating ear cups that are useful for monitoring the sound through one ear at any time. If you rotate one earmuff, it will be silent. Meanwhile,  you will be able to hear the entire mix in the other ear. This remarkable feature makes them perfect headphones for mixing and mastering on stage and in the studio.

 Their compatibility with almost every device, such as DJ mixers, mixer panels, guitars, amplifiers, and pianos, eliminates the need to buy an extra adapter for connectivity.

Plus, thanks to the 3.5 mm audio jack, the headphones can connect to all devices, including cellphones, laptops, PCs, iPads, and tablets. 



Final Verdict

OneOdio Pro 10 concentrated on the midrange to create an entirely new listening experience. The fantastic features make them the best headphones for studio monitoring and live sound mixing. If you want a headset on a modest budget, these headphones can best fit your need.

5: Superlux HD 681: Headphones for Sonic Quality

Main Specifications

 If you want great sound at a lower price, you cannot go wrong with the Superlux HD 681. These superb headphones feature precise, dynamic, sparkling highs and a deep, resonant bass that prevents other frequencies from being swamped and drowned out.

Key Features 

The Superlux HD 681 has a semi-open back, producing an acoustic and spacious sound quality. After testing, we found that noise isolation is virtually nonexistent. Although open systems are inevitable, the depth you gain from sound breathing is remarkable.

While comparing the HD 681 to its peer HD 668B, our team found that although both are semi-open back enclosures, the HD 681 has a slight edge over the HD 668B in terms of sound quality as well as build quality. HD 681 pair of Cans offer better neutral listening and a much superior comfort level than HD 668B.

If you want to make the music even cleaner and more impressive by using a proper amp and DAC, their 32 Ohms plus the bass amount is excellent work excellently for this purpose. Their high notes are exceptionally bright and offer a superb entire sound spectrum while recording and mixing.

These are lightweight and pretty comfortable to wear. Moreover, the clamping force is relatively low but strong enough to keep your head securely fastened. The cord is relatively thick and mainly made of plastic. 

A semisoft vinyl is used in the pretty deep ear pads. Additionally, the ear pads are replaceable, so you can add valor pads for extra comfort and the prevention of earaches.



Final Verdict

The HD-681 headphones do a great job as studio monitors. Although the semi-open ear pads bleed a little sound, they reproduce sound accurately. These acoustic headphones are perfect for mixing high-end music in a studio environment, at home, or on stage as well. For technically mixing audio, HD 681 may be the right choice.

6: AKG K 240 MK II: Headphones for Audio Engineers 

Main Specifications:

AKG has been manufacturing iconic headphones for recording artists, engineers, and producers for decades. Whether you’re performing on stage or in the studio, the AKG K 240 MKII is one of the best headphones for mixing with unique features that can help you take your career to the next level.

Key Features 

AKG K240 MKII headphones are over-ear and semi-open headphones that are our favorite headphones because of their fantastic sound, features, and specs. They have 30 mm XXL transducers and Varimotion diaphragms that offer a wide dynamic range, improved sensitivity, and superior sound quality.

While testing for a few weeks, our team found that these Semi-open headphones offer more noise cancellation than other semi-open back enclosures. Plus, these vented earpads offer a robust bass response similar to closed models.

AKG inserts many valuable perks in these headphones that are highly regarded by musicians, producers, and engineers. 

The exterior build quality of the headband and ear pads is extraordinary, and their capability to hear mixing music details clearly also adds to their worth.

These excellent headphones have a mini XLR connector and a 3m cable (10ft), a 5m cable (16ft) with coils, and a convertible jack plug that helps connect with portable devices easily.



Final Verdict

 K240 MKII is not intended for casual use and has been designed specifically for music producers and critics. For casual music listening, you can explore the fabulous headphones for youngsters that are specifically designed for enjoying music. The K240 MKII delivers a wider passive soundstage. These are the best budget headphones for mixing that won’t break the bank.

7: Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Professional: Open Back Mixing Headphones 

Main Specifications:

The Audio-Technica ATH-R70x is an open-back headphone designed for reproducing and mixing audio. With crisp details and accurate sound quality, they provide a great listening experience. These are the best open-back headphones for mixing that prevent ear fatigue. After testing, our team recommended that this pair of headphones be valuable for pro music engineers and critics.

Key Features 

ATH-R70x delivers accurate and extended high-frequency response thanks to high-efficiency magnets and pure alloy magnetic circuits. The earpads are made of breathable fabric, are feather-light (approx. 210 g w/o cable), and offer long-lasting comfort for professional use. The open-back design provides more comfort than a closed-back enclosure.

Their carbon composite resin offers detailed transient responses because of its improved structural rigidity. As a result, it improves system reliability and helps you understand transitions between different states. These quality cans produce well-balanced stunning sound quality with accuracy.

In addition, they come with Detachable Locking Cables that can be detached on both sides. Plus, signals are independent, ensuring proper stereo orientation at all times.



Final Verdict

Despite the headphones’ evident studio design and relatively low sensitivity combined with high impedance, the ATH-R70x headphones have the ability to sound open and immersive with their exceptional soundstage. Overall, these are the best studio headphones for producing music in a studio or quiet place.

8: Sennheiser HD 600: Headphones for Hip-Hop Music Mixing 

Main Specifications:

Sennheiser HD 600 headphones come with a sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and gray, with the robust build quality. They produce excellent immersive sound with perfect accuracy. These are one of the best recommendations for mixing and reproduction of music.

Key Features

During testing, when comparing HD 600 with its successor HD 650, our team found a significant difference between both models. With a transparent open-back earcup, the HD 600 transducer system allows every sound wave to move freely and offers an innovative listening experience than its peer, HD 650.

The silk earpads control airflow over the 42mm driver and provide distortion-free sounds. Plus, the specifically designed acoustic earpads allow the air to flow smoothly over the driver and produce panoramic sounds.

Further, these headphones are designed for audiophiles, music producers, and audio engineers who need luxurious comfort and long-lasting durability.

Their downside is that the open-back ear cups cannot block ambient noises and don’t prevent sound leakage from earcups. Also, They’re not foldable or easy to portable.

Plus, these headphones are not compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, you can’t use them for casual music listening. These are specifically manufactured for studio use.

The HD 600 has remarkable coherence among low, mid, highs, and trebles. They produce stunning sound quality with details that you don’t miss a single beat or lyric.



Final Verdict

Thanks to their richly detailed and naturally transparent response, the HD 600 has established a legendary position in both the pro audio and audiophile worlds. Compared to the HD 650, the HD 600 headphones offer a better value for money while delivering innovative sound quality. These are the best mixing headphones at a very affordable price.

Types of Headphones

1.  In-ear, over-ear, and On-ear headphones

There are three basic types of headphones, which differ based on the functions and applications they serve.

These are your typical “earbuds” like the EarPods. This type of headphone is partially within each ear and has small drivers. In-ear headphones are ideal for exercising or commuting. Additionally, some high-quality in-ear headphones with boosted bass are used by bass players for studio use and on stage.

Over-ear headphones fit comfortably over the entire ear. These are best to prevent the ambient noise from coming in and also control sound bleeds out. The larger size makes them ideal for listening, producing, mixing, and recording music. Comparatively, they are more costly than other types.

They fit almost all ear canals without covering them all. Due to their bigger drivers, they have a sonic sound quality. Additionally, they’re more portable and lighter than over-ear headphones.

Open Back Vs. Closed Back Headphones

Both open-back and closed-back headphones for mixing have their own advantages.

 Headphones with closed backs have sealed earcups. Acoustic isolation is a major benefit of this construction, as these headphones prevent sound from leaking out while keeping ambient noise at bay. Closed-back headphones are ideal for mixing in a noisy environment because of their sound-isolating features.

With vented ear cups, these headphones offer a spacious listening experience. Professional mixing and mastering engineers prefer them for their speaker-like response, which is perfect for studio applications and critical listening.

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