Best Computer Chairs For Long Hours in 2021

Best Computer Chairs For Long Hours in 2021
Written by Tabassum Altaf

Sitting for long hours in your office or your game isn’t the game for the people like you and me who instantly feel aches right after maintaining the straight posture. About 80% of the total population in the world suffers from backaches just due to poor sitting postures.

But, luckily many ergonomically designed computer chairs help maintain the straight position of your body without any inconvenience. Still, a large variety of options out there make it even challenging than accessible to choose the right option.

That’s why I have decided to unwind the list of some of the medically proven and ergonomically designed computer chairs for long hours in the list below.

Let’s explore what’s ahead.

AwardProduct Price
Best OverallAKRacing-Masters-Computer-ChairAKRacing Masters Computer Chair Check Price
Best for Back SupportStar-ProGrid-Computer-ChairStar ProGrid Computer Chair Check Price
Best for Back CushioningVECELO-Computer-ChairVECELO Computer Chair Check Price
Best for Straight PostureSIDI-T50-Home-Computer-ChairSIDI T50 Home Computer Chair Check Price
Best for Spinal PainFelix-Kling-Ergonomic-Computer-ChairFelix Kling Ergonomic Computer Chair Check Price

Computer Chairs for Long Hours 2021 Reviews

After extensive research and analysis, I’ve jotted down some top-notch computer chairs that will not only increase your productivity but also make long hours sitting comfortable for you.

AKRacing Masters Computer Chair: Best Overall

Don’t worry about the extra-large posture or your exceptional height. Our first product is perfect overall, but specifically for those who find it hard to sit on the chairs with a straight posture. AKRacing computer being part of Masters Series offers the best features to users.

Key Features:

An extra-large metal-made frame comes with a high-quality integrated coating to offer long-lasting durability and comfort over long hours. The performance of this computer chair is further increased by the PU leather on the front and back. Thus, say no to the aches in your neck and back.

Moreover, the lightweight feature has made it pretty portable, carrying it from one place to another. You can adjust it in four dimensions, up and down or back and forth, depending on your convenience levels. The support is extraordinary as well since it has lumbar technology.

  • It can be adjusted in four directions
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Made with top-quality PU leather
  • Some users find it a bit out of range

Final Verdict:

I bet you that you’ll find it worth buying even after listening to its budget exceeding the price. With foam pads, anti-corrosive coating, and large dimensions have made it the best chair among all.

Star ProGrid Computer Chair: Best for Back Support

The medical connotations have revealed that continuous sitting for long hours will make your spine bend leading to sere pain in your back. But ProGrid has launched a comprehensively designed computer chair that gives long sitting convenience with additional back support.

Key Features:

The overall mesh comprises the breathable ProGrid material with a built-in lumbar support system. The arms are extraordinarily supportive, with comfortable padding present on the upper side. In addition to this, the pneumatic seat height adjustment makes it easy to set its height according to the need.

Besides aiding the pain in your back, this chair performs many other functions, including the allowance to carry out intensive keyboard activities and adjust the seat depth. The 360-degree swivel in this computer will increase your comfort zone.

  • It reduces pressure on the back with adjustable seat depth
  • It comes with large dimensions
  • Made up of breathable mesh and cushioned arms
  • It is not suitable for large guys

Final Verdict:

No doubt it will cause an inconvenience for you if you’re at a tall party. But believe me. It is worth spending your bucks on purchasing this computer chair for long hours.

VECELO Computer Chair: Best for Back Cushioning

A wisely designed ergonomic cushioned computer chair can make things easy on your end. Continuous cushioning doesn’t cause in your back no matter how long you in front of the computer. Similarly, the VECELO computer chair is perfect for all-day comfort.

Key Features:

Unlike all other computer chairs, this item comes with a high-quality cushioned lumbar support at the back to improve the seating. The breathable mesh at the back makes it even convenient for working persons to sit for long continuous hours.

The composition of PU material in its construction has made it more than perfect for enhanced cushioning. In addition to this, the VECELO computer chair comes with an adjustable armrest making it easy for you to move around without hurting yourself.

  • It offers enjoyable positions
  • It comes with operational instructions
  • Effective lumber support
  • It is not taller than 18 inches

Final Verdict:

After analyzing the customer reviews, I realized that it doesn’t have a height of more than 18 inches. But overall, it has the best and most appropriate combination of back support and cushioning.

SIDI T50 Home Computer Chair: Best for Straight Posture

Working from home has become a new lifestyle these days. Besides easing your routine, it has made many people patients of spinal pain. Do you know what the reason is? Sitting for long continuous hours! But SIDIZ computer chair has been rated as the best solution for maintaining a straight posture.

Key Features:

Just like the shape of your spinal cord, this computer chair has got an S-shaped design. It maintains the steady straight posture of your back for longer durations without causing any pain. Moreover, there is a desirable backrest angel in it, allowing you to change your sitting style after regular durations.

Another unique feature is the forward tilt. This feature is now proved to reduce neck pain as well. The availability of multi-tilting angles in it offers enhanced adjustability to the users. It is also easily customizable with a deep armrest.

  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • It offers versatile tilting angles
  • It has an ergonomic S-curve
  • Some customers doubt the comfort posture

Final verdict:

The only downside is some customers don’t find it up to the mark in the comfort feature. But don’t worry, I bet you that you’ll not regret buying it because of its S-shaped curve.

Felix Kling Ergonomic Computer Chair: Best for Spinal Pain

Are you thinking of setting up a gaming room or office arena at your place? If so, the first thing clicking your mind will be an ergonomic computer chair that saves you from spinal pain. That is why I’m ending this list with FelixKing, computer chair.

Key Features:

One of the most important features that separate from other computer chairs is the increased elasticity and flexibility in its back. This elasticity proves as the best solution for those who’re suffering from continuous back pain. Moreover, the comfortable seating space will never cause any pain in your pelvis and buttocks.

It saves space because of the lift-up armrest integrated into it. You can have the convenience of adjusting the arms at the lower position, thereby saving the space around your desk. Not only this, but the multiple height adjustments are also present in it. Thus, you can set your posture according to the comfort zone of your back and spinal cord.

  • It comes with an easy assembly
  • Offers one-year warranty
  • It can rotate in 360 degrees
  • The durability of the legs isn’t much appealing

Final Verdict:

The only thing you’ve to compromise with is the durability of the legs in this chair. Regardless of this, most users prefer buying it because of its 360 rotations and enhanced elasticity.

Aren’t you excited to enjoy the convenient sitting even for long hours without feeling a pinching feeling in your back? I’m sure you’re more than eager to try computer chairs with no pain. So what are you waiting for? Thoroughly read the chairs mentioned above and pick the one that suits you the most!

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