Best Car Speakerphones Reviewed For Safe Driving

Best Car Speakerphones Reviewed For Safe Driving

If you are driving and wish to listen to your favorite BTS songs, or if you need to make a quick phone call to a loved one, using your hands while driving is not a safe option on the road

What’s the solution?

To avoid mishaps, use a car speakerphone to talk to someone on the phone or listen to music.

When looking for the best car speakerphones, those with easy setup and good audio quality stand out the most.

After 11 hours of nonstop research, we ended up with the following best car speakerphones in 2021 that are easy to use and come with a good volume.

Let’s get started.

5 Best Car Speakerphones to Buy In 2021

AwardProduct Price
Speakerphone with Motion Sensor
VeoPlus B-Pro 2 Check Price
Speakerphone with FM transmitter
Jabra Freeway Check Price
Affordable speakerphone
Jabra Drive Check Price
Speakerphone with good battery life
Motorola Sonic Rider Check Price
Noise-canceling speakerphone
Plantronics K100 Check Price

VeoPlus B-Pro 2: Speakerphone with Motion Sensor

VeoPlus B-Pro 2

Are you looking for a speakerphone that is drive-friendly? VeoPlus car speakerphone is the one for you. It is comfortable to use, and you can have a safe time driving with it attached to your sun visor.

 Key Features 

VeoPlus B-Pro 2 comes with a Bluetooth connection, and you will not face any difficulty connecting it to any mobile phone you own. Besides, It is pretty easy to set up.

VeoPlus B-Pro 2 has a motion sensor, and it will automatically turn on and off, depending on your presence in the car.

The best part?

If you are a fan of music, VeoPlus will stream it for you. It has two speakers that produce high-definition sound. Even with the constant honking of the cars on the road, the speakers will allow you to hear clearly. Moreover, this easy to set up speakerphone has a voice recognition feature, which will help you accept or decline calls as per your need.

  • A perfect size to fit on the sun visor
  • Shows compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Drive friendly
  • Battery life has been rated as average by some users

Final Verdict 

VeoPlus is a good speakerphone with a promise to be driven friendly. Though an average battery life may cause it to run out of battery soon, its easy setup and capability to sense motion make it best for users, making it one of the best car speakerphones in 2021.

Jabra Freeway: Speakerphone with FM transmitter

Jabra Freeway

Are you wondering what car speaker to opt for when you have a long trip? Jabra freeway is your answer. It has an FM transmitter and comes with the ability to recognize features. 

Key features

Jabra freeway is a pretty handy device, with a Bluetooth connection and a voice recognition feature that lets you answer or decline a phone call while you’re sitting in the car.

Want to know an exciting feature of the Jabra freeway?

Jabra freeway has an FM transmitter that searches for clear FM frequencies for you and a motion detector that turns on and off the device when you enter and leave your car.

It has a USB charge unit and up to 40 days standby battery life. It requires 2 hours to charge completely. It’s also budget-friendly.

  • No muffling of sounds
  • Easy to set up
  • Connects to the visor nicely
  • Sometimes has issues with turning on/off

Final verdict

Though you might sometimes struggle with turning the device on and off, Jabra freeway can be relied on when looking for a device that works for long hours and has clear sound for your music. Thus, the Jabra freeway can be counted as one of the best car speakerphones in 2021.

Jabra Drive: Affordable speakerphone

Jabra Drive

Jabra Drive is yet another one of the best car speakerphones in 2021. Jabra drive is the one for you if you’re looking for a small, lightweight, and affordable device. 

Key features

Jabra Drive is a small device but with a crystal-clear voice. It also has Bluetooth connections and connects to your phone easily.

A standby battery life of 30 days and overall working battery life of 20 hours is promised by Jabra drive. It has good noise reduction capability as well. 

It has strong connectivity and a clear voice even at a long distance.

  • Overall good battery life
  • Clear voice
  • Multi-use ability connects two devices
  • Does not come with a voice control feature

Final verdict

Easy accessibility and sleek design make Jabra drive one of the favorites among users. Although users might get a bit disappointed because of no voice control, the easy handling and good battery life suit the needs of many users. 

Motorola Sonic Rider: Speakerphone with good battery life

Motorola Sonic Rider

Are you looking for a speakerphone that allows you to have a phone call without background noise disturbing you? Look no further because Motorola speakerphone can make it possible for you. This speakerphone has a good battery life, and it comes with audio alerts for the convenience of users. 

Key Features

The most amazing feature of a Motorola speakerphone is its outstanding battery life. Anyone who uses Motorola will not have a hard time using it for 45 hours. Yes, you read it right. Full 45 hours. Amazing, right?

It also comes with alerts, informing the users of the person calling. Not only that, audio alerts will alert the user of the battery level of the speakerphone too.

Besides having an outstanding battery life, it gives the users an amazing listening experience due to its two-watt speakers.

Motorola speakerphone also has a noise reduction feature, making it suitable for users to have a conversation on a busy road.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Two-watt speaker
  • Compact size
  • Does not connect to the phone automatically

Final Verdict

Outstanding battery life makes Motorola sonic rider speakerphone the best speakerphone in 2021. Manually connecting the phone to the speakerphone might be inconvenient for some users, but a good speaker allows the users to have a great listening experience.

Plantronics K100: Noise-canceling speakerphone

Best Car Speakerphones

Plantronics K100 speakerphone is one of the oldest speakerphones that is still considered the best car speakerphone in 2021. It comes with good battery life and can cancel out all the noises in the surrounding. 

Key Features

Plantronics K100 speakerphone makes your voice the main focus as it cancels every noise around you.

It has an amazing battery life, meaning you can use it for 15 hours without it shutting off on you.

Do you want to know an amazing feature that a Plantronics speakerphone has?

Plantronics K100 comes with an FM transmission feature too.

Not only that, this noise-canceling speakerphone has a feature that gives voice alerts, informing the user about the connection status and whether the device has turned on or not.

  • Compact size
  • Comes with FM
  • Noise-canceling
  • Old design and software not updated

Final Verdict

The noise cancellation feature of Plantronics K100 stands out the most. Though the old design might put you off a little bit, the compact size and noise-canceling quality will win your heart.

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Best Car Speakerphones 

Are you struggling to decide what to look for in a speakerphone? This buying guide will help sort your problem. 

Battery life

Driving time can extend according to traffic and distance. Good battery life will make the speakerphone last longer. Thus, the best car speakerphone in 2021 should have a battery life that suits long distances.

Sound quality

Sound quality matters a lot when the best car speakerphones are to be considered. A speakerphone with a good sound quality will allow the user to have a smooth conversation. Not only that, but sound quality will also determine whether you can enjoy the music that you are playing on your speakerphone.

Voice reduction quality

In a situation where you are in the middle of the road, you are surrounded by noises from everywhere. Thus, a speakerphone that has a voice reduction quality should be preferred. Such a speakerphone will allow your caller to have a conversation with you without any background noise disturbing you.


To conclude, the best car speakerphones are not hard to find once you know what features you should be looking for in a speakerphone. From VeoPlus to Plantronics, the best car speakerphones in 2021 cater to your needs, allowing you to have a great driving experience.

What are you waiting for? Buy a speakerphone of your choice and have a safe drive!