Asus VG248QG Best Settings For Gaming

Asus VG248QG Best Settings For Gaming
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Are you looking for the Asus VG248QG best settings for gaming? Want to get the most out of your gaming monitor? Asus has made it easy to pick the right monitor for your rig. With its 165hz refresh rate, the VG248QG is a great monitor for gamers. G-Sync is built in to make the monitor even more effective. The technology ensures that your games run smoothly without lag.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge in your favorite games or want to enjoy a better overall experience, these settings will help you maximize the performance of your Asus VG248QG.

So let’s get started!

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asus vg248qg best settings for gaming

There are several best gaming monitors on the market, but the Asus VG248QG is one of the top options. The ICC profiles and OSD settings make it ideal for gaming. 

Asus VG248 is a fantastic vertical monitor and one of the cheapest and most affordable available right now. The screen features 24 inches of WLED backlighting and a 1080p resolution. The monitor, however, stands out for its high refresh rate and quick response time of 1 ms. Such features are uncommon for a monitor at this price range. However, the company substituted a TN panel for an IPS/VA one to optimize costs. Nevertheless, this isn’t a major issue.

Best Asus VG248QG Settings: Perfect for Gaming

Monitors normally produce high-quality images, but what if they could be improved? It is very easy to adjust a few settings to improve the monitor. The purpose of this article is to share the best settings for an Asus VG248 monitor. Also, we will show you how to tweak the setting.

You may also need to adjust the settings to fit your preferences since each ASUS VG248QE monitor is different due to panel variances. You are most likely used to the same color settings in the long run, even if they are washed out. Give the new settings some time to adjust before disregarding them altogether if they seem odd at first.

The Asus VG248QG Image Quality Settings 

A 24-inch gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, the Asus VG248QG has a unique design and is the best monitor for RTX 360 Ti. The monitor has poor color accuracy straight from the box. Gameplay and low response times are two reasons why TN panels are popular. Players choose TN panel monitors for their better gaming performance.

The OSD menu can be adjusted to make colors look better. Asus VG248QG best settings for gaming Optimal color settings:

  • Brightness: 90
  • Color Temp: User Mode à R96 G94 B88
  • Contrast: 70
  • Saturation: 50
  • Skin Tone: Natural
  • Sharpness: 50
  • Trace Free: 60 (Default)
  • ASCR: Off

Users of NVIDIA 

For Nvidia users, you must set the Digital Vibrance to 50%for Nvidia users after applying these color settings. The Asus VG248QG should have a huge improvement in image quality once these color settings have been optimized. Colors will stand out from each other instead of looking bland. Visually and in terms of performance, this will be an incredible gaming experience. The monitor is fairly bright so that you can enjoy gaming on it even in bright conditions. There is a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is adequate for gaming. The 91PPI pixel density ensures sharp images and text in games. Pixelated images or blurry texts are not an issue.

Although these Asus VG248QG best settings for gaming worked best, you may wish to experiment with other settings if you can get better color. Most users will find these settings sufficient to improve the overall color accuracy of the monitor. Asus VG248QG produces a decent image quality overall. Although you need to tweak the colors first, the game will be more enjoyable once calibrated.

You can download the ICC profile for your GPU manufacturer after you’ve applied these changes to the OSD. ASUS VG248QE NVIDIA ICC color profile for Nvidia users or AMD ICC color profile AMD users.

ICC Profiles: What Does that Mean? 

An ICC Profile is a file that stores color management information. This information can include the exact color values for each color space, how the colors are reproduced, and other data used by color management software.

When an image is processed using ICC Profile technology, the image processing software can read the profile and adjust the colors accordingly. It helps to ensure that the colors in the image are accurately reproduced, regardless of the device or software used to view it.

ICC Profile Installation and Activate- How To?

A step-by-step guide is provided to install and activate an ICC profile.

Download your GPU’s ICC profile and right-click it. From the sub-menu, choose ‘Install Profiles.’ As a result, it will be installed on your PC. To activate it, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open Color Management

Select the Settings button in the Display section of the Control Panel (on Windows 7) or search for the Color Management icon (on Windows 10) and select it.

Best settings on the ASUS VG248QG

Step 2: Check and Activate ICC

Set the device to use my settings by checking the box next to that option. You can add ICC profiles in the bottom-left corner by clicking on the ‘Add’ button and selecting the folder you downloaded them from. By clicking ‘Add’ and ‘OK.’

Best settings for Asus VG248QG 165Hz

Step 3: Update the Default Options 

To change your system’s defaults, click on the option ‘Change System Default:’ on the ‘Advanced’ tab of the window.

asus vg248qg best settings fps

Step 4: Click on the Advanced Tab 

You will see a similar window appear. Check the box next to the window ‘Use Windows display calibration’ once again under the ‘Advanced’ tab.

asus vg248qe icc profile download

Step 5: Done!

It’s that simple. To close those pop-up windows, click on the ‘Close’ button.

asus icc profiles

Following the steps above will make your gaming monitor look great. However, you may need to tweak the default display settings using the ICC profiles we offer. You can try these settings for these specific ICC profiles.

ICC Profile Settings:

  • Splendid Mode: Standard
  • Brightness:        24(more if you like)
  • Contrast:            74
  • Sharpness:        Set it to your preference
  • Saturation:         Customize it for your taste
  • Color Temp:       Red: 100; Green: 90; Blue: 89 (User Mode)
  • Smart View:        Disable
  • Skin Tone:           Natural
  • Trace Free:         Less than 60 is better
  • ASCR:                 Off

Final Thoughts

The Asus VG248QG is a superb gaming monitor. Gaming enthusiasts looking for an affordable monitor can’t go wrong with this model. You will likely find the Asus VG248QG best settings for gaming if you have tried the above option. Just tweak it a bit more if you haven’t got it yet. Hopefully, after a few attempts, you will get it.

Therefore, these tips above can help you take full advantage of your Asus VG248 monitor. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding the above procedure in the comment section. 

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