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Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

Have you just received a challenge from your friend? Does he want to beat you in Apex legends? But the issue “Apex Legends Won’t Launch “Stopping you from victory? What Rotten Luck!

I know legends, that is frustrating. Don’t be panic, and we’re here to equip you with unique solutions. 

Why won’t apex legends launch?

If Apex legends won’t launch on your PC, you can follow the best eight methods to fix your issue. Sometimes, there’s something wrong on game settings; As a result, apex legends won’t launch Origin, Follow the following-proven methods to solve this problem.

  1. Open Settings to Change Language
  2. Check your Game for the latest Patch
  3. Run your Game as Admin
  4. Repair your Game
  5. Update Your Game
  6. Check your Graphics Card Drivers For Update
  7. Disable Windows Defender
  8. Reinstall your Game

1: Open Settings to Change Language

Before we talk about other (technical) solutions, It would be great to discuss this quick and easy solution. I agree that this a solution is a bit weird, but to be honest, a lot of legends have fixed the “Apex Legends Won’t Launch” issue through this method.

In my opinion, following this (30-second process) method isn’t a big deal. Let’s dive into the quicksteps to attempt the first method.

  • Move to your Desktop and open Origin.
  • Right-click on Apex Legends’ icon and choose your Game Properties.
Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

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  • Hit “Advanced Launch Options”.
Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions 2

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  • Change language from English to Polish then click on the save option.
  • Now, this is the last step, Close the previous tab and relaunch apex legends. Then change the language again to English.

Did you find the method helpful? No, OK, let us dive into the next method.

2: Check your Game for the latest Patch

To fix different bugs and errors, developers release the latest Patch, So if your Apex legends is not launching, then you should download the latest Patch for your Game from a trusted website. Visit this website and check for the latest updates. Then easily install the latest Patch for your apex legends. Trust me; the latest Patch is the nightmare for an issue called Apex Legends Won’t Launch.

Still, you’re looking for a better solution? Let us move forward to read out the next solution.

3:Run your Game as Admin

If Apex legends is not launching regularly on your Pc, then running a game as administration, would be a helpful method. To do this, follow the below steps.

  • Visit Desktop and right-click on Game icons. You can notice the “Run as administrator” option, click on it.
Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions 3

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Did this method work well? If Yes, then let us do a few changes to make these settings permanent. 

To do this, follow the below steps.

  • Open Apex legends properties ( Use Alt+ Enter to perform this step quickly)
    Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  •  Under the Compatibility tab, check box named” Run this program as an administrator.”
  • Now hit Apply then OK.

This step also helps you if apex legends is not launching in window 7.

4:Repair your Game

Some time corrupt files cause issues, and the gamer can’t launch Apex legends on window 10. To be honest, my friend was also facing this issue, and then he tried this method. Believe me; this method worked for him. Maybe this method will also work for you. Want to try your luck! Let us move on.

  • Visit Origin and open “My Game Library”.

Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  • Right, click on Apex legends and select ‘Repair’ option.

Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  • Now, follow on-page instructions to fix “Apex legends won’t launch” issue.

If you’re not satisfied with this solution, then no need to worry. The Journey isn’t ended yet. Let us follow the next solution.

5: Update Your Game

Updating the software could be the solution to this frustrating issue. Sometime, due to some missing files, Apex legends won’t launch properly on Xbox and PC. But now, this’s the time to say goodby to all tension. Lets update Apex legends to release the stress.

Keep in mind: To update Apex legends, you must have a stable internet connection, dull internet connection could be made this process longer.

  • Go to Origin and select “My Game Library”.

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  • Right-click on the game icon and select “Update” to download the latest settings.

6: Check your Graphics Card Drivers For Update

It might be possible you’re using outdated drivers, and due to apex legends won’t launch Origin. With this in mind,  you should check your graphic card for the latest updates and also for other issues. If you’re using NVIDIA graphic card, then checking NVIDIA control panel settings would be a winning point.

To check graphic card drivers for the latest update, open your graphic card official website and check your driver for the latest updates. 

Helpful: Worried about NVIDIA Control Panel? Try 10 Best Solutions!

7:Disable Windows Defender

Are you using Windows 10? If yes, then you should disable windows defender in window 10. As we know, Windows defender is 24 hours active to protect our PC from different types of Malware. Bear me, Some times Windows defender even block perfect file like Apex legends. As an outcome, shitty easy anti-cheat won’t fully launch with apex legends.

Don’t worry; we guide you on how you can disable your Windows Antivirus temporary.

  • Click on the Windows Defenders Icon to open settings.

Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  • Click on the Virus & threat protection.

Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  • Open Virus & threat protection settings.

Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  • Now, Off Real-time protection ( You just need to mark the first option )

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Click on “Yes” to off  Windows Defender permanently.

Apex Legends Won’t Launch :Try 9 Proven Solutions

  • Boom! You’ve done it successfully, Go and check your Game for error. Hope, now you’ll launch your Game successfully.

Note: Follow the same procedure to Activate the windows defender again.

8. Restore your Game

Did you follow all the solution step by step? But still, Apex legends easy anti-cheat won’t launch? let us try the final solution,

You might ask, “James is there even any method available for this frustrating problem? Don’t be panic. If I were you, I also go bananas at this time!

Let me hook you up with this proven method. In this situation, reinstalling the Apex legends is the best solution. Probably,  you followed the wrong installation process, and now apex legends won’t launch Origin. So the best solution is to deactivate this Game and download the latest Origin. Open the official website of Apex legends and start your journey from the beginning.

Didn’t satisfy yet?  let’s watch a short video to know why apex legends not loading in window 10.

Time to Grab the Victory 

So this was all about “Apex legends won’t launch” issue. Please give us a shout-out if you’ve any questions about this issue. Plus, share with us, did you solve your problem? Which method did you find most helpful? Share your valuable thoughts in the comment section and helps the other legends.

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