How to Select and Setup Action Camera Microphone Attachment
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How to Select and Setup Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Whether you are a Vlogger, a video steamer, or an adventure enthusiast, your priority is to record your fantastic action shots with the best action camera. Besides video recording, audio quality is also very important for creating fantastic videos. 

You cannot record your videos with exceptional sound quality by using the action camera’s built-in mic. You must use the best microphone attachment for the action camera if you want vivid sound with noise cancellation.

Selecting and setting up the action camera microphone attachment is not a big deal. Here’s a detailed guide that will enable you to choose the best microphone attachment for your needs and preferences. You can also set up the microphone attachment to your action camera without any hassle.

Types of Action Camera Microphone Attachments

For action cameras, there are two main types of microphones: shotguns and lavaliers. An action camera microphone is usually omnidirectional. This means it gathers sound from everywhere. In comparison, you need a mic that just focuses on your sound to record it without distortion.

Shotgun Microphone

A shotgun mic produces directional sound. Additionally, it will improve sound quality and reduce wind noise. The mic will filter out or reduce sound from the surroundings, focusing on what’s in front.

These microphones come with shock mounts to reduce noise transmitted through the housing of an action camera. Additionally, a deadcat wind shied or supplied foam windshield help to reduce wind noise. As an action camera user, these features are useful.

Generally, the shotgun mic offers better sound quality than the built-in microphone. Nonetheless, it isn’t the same as using an external microphone. 

action camera microphone attachment

Lavalier Microphone

The lavalier microphone is also known as the lapel or tie-clip microphone. You may see it in various TV shows and interviews. Their use in dramas and films is often hidden, so they’re only sometimes apparent. It is convenient to place them close to the sound source, which is why they are popular with audio professionals.

The lav mics for action cameras are also suitable since they combine a transmitter and microphone. It’s convenient to have them with you on the go. This mic helps you to get rid of tangling wires.

The lavalier microphone collects sound similar to the action camera mic. Interviews or podcasts are made easier by their close proximity. It reduces ambient noise. Your needs will determine which one is best for you.

action camera microphone attachment

How to Select The Right Microphone Attachment 

You should take into account a few factors when choosing a microphone attachment for your action camera. In order to make the most out of your action camera, first decide the kind of activity you want to engage in. It’s best if you’re planning to use it for activities that require a lot of movement.

You’ll want to look for a microphone attachment with a directional or shotgun-style design, better at capturing audio from a specific direction. You can choose the shotgun microphone attachment if you are planning to do mountain biking, hiking, Cuba diving, or moto vlogging.

Tips to Get Full Perks of High-Quality Sound of Microphone Attachments of Action Cameras

  • The microphone should be positioned correctly. 
  • The microphone should be pointed at the source of the sound you wish to record if you want the best results.
  • Be sure to point your microphone toward the sound source if you’re using a directional/shotgun microphone.
  • Use the protective cover or housing if you want to filmize the full of action videos.
  • You should place your microphones on the top of your camera so the camera won’t capture them.
  • You should set wired microphones properly so that the wires do not show in your videos if you happen to use them.

Considerable Factors While Comparing Different Microphone Attachments

There are some key factors to consider.


Consider the microphone’s connector first. Microphone attachments may use a 3.5mm jack or a USB connector. Ensure that the microphone attachment you purchase is compatible with the action camera you plan to use.


It’s also important to consider the microphone’s sensitivity. Higher sensitivity means a microphone can detect a wider range of frequencies, thus improving sound quality.


The microphone attachment should be waterproof so that it can stand consistently in windy, rainy, or snowy situations.

Size and Weight

Last but not least, consider the microphone’s size and weight. For activities that require a great deal of movement you will need a lightweight and compact microphone for activities requiring a great deal of movement. 

Set Up Your Microphone Attachment For Optimal Audio Quality

You can connect your microphone attachment and set it up quickly and easily by following the instructions below.

  1. You should first turn off your action camera.
  2. Plug in your microphone attachment to the microphone input on your action camera.
  3. You may need an adapter to connect your action camera to a microphone attachment that uses a USB connector; you may need an adapter.
use adapter action camera microphone attachment

4. You can also use the protective cover for your action camera and mount the microphone on the top.

protective cover of action camera microphone attachment

5. When your action camera is connected, turn it on and adjust the audio input settings.

6. In order to record audio, you may have to select the microphone as the input source.

7. Set the volume levels appropriately to achieve the best audio quality.


The purpose of this definitive guide is to explain the process of selecting and setting up the microphone attachment for action cameras. Your videos should have outstanding audio and visual quality if you want millions of likes on social media. 

In the event that your video’s sound is distorted, it is of no use. Even if you work hard to filmize your dangerous adventure, it’s useless. Having a vague sound quality doesn’t appeal to anyone. Therefore, you should also use a top-notch microphone when using an action camera. Afterward, ensure you have the proper accessories and connect them properly to capture all your action moments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are action cameras equipped with audio?

The majority of action cameras come with audio capabilities. However, the microphone on an action camera is omnidirectional. In other words, it gathers sound from all directions. The quality of the sound is not perfect, nor is it focused.

Which is the best microphone attachment for an action camera, wired or wireless?

Both wired or wireless microphone attachments have their own advantages. It depends on your choice and requirement to choose the one for you. If you are going to shoot some adventurous tasks, you should opt for wireless.