Acer XF 250Q Review: Is It a Valuable Buying in 2021?

Acer XF 250Q Review
Written by Tabassum Altaf

There is an amazing product for you people in the market named AcerXF250Q. If you want to get better at your TN Panel, then go through this Acer XF250Q review. 

A 240Hz gaming monitor is of exceptional quality. This Acer XF 250Q review comes at the top of the list of reasonable 240Hz gaming monitors with incomparable performance. You can easily play a cut-throat-level game on this monitor because of its outstanding features. You can refresh as many times as you want to refresh; 1ms reaction time and free sync are some of its classic features. Its presentation level is far more than an exclusive gaming monitor. 

Let’s first discuss its advantages and disadvantages before we talk about all its features.

Acer XF 250Q Review

Acer XF 250Q: Best Monitor for Pro-Gamers

Acer XF 250Q Review

Final Verdict

Acer’s XF 250Q gaming monitor is ideal for pro-gamers. In essence, it provides the same experience as the best gaming monitors provide without negotiating on it. It’s reasonably priced and has a lot of inherent features that create the right kind of appreciation for a gaming monitor. The pros outweigh the cons. This device includes a speaker that can be used as a standalone device, as well as earphones for improved gaming. 

  • Response time of 1ms is expeditious. 
  • Refreshing rate of 240Hz.
  • A major defect like screen tearing is removed by free sync. 
  • The observing angle may not be at its prime due to the TN panel.

Detailed Overview of Acer XF 250Q

The Acer XF 250Q is considered one of the best 240Hz gaming monitors of this era. A specific set of features enables it to cover all the aspects of its usage. We do not recommend using it for photo capturing or editing purposes or for any other purpose. This product has a particular focus on gaming and is specifically designed for watching or gaming. 

Performance And Presentation

With a zero-frame blueprint, the screen looks lavish. Due to this remarkable feature, the game will bevel as it plays. You may be surprised to learn that the refresh rate of 240Hz has no limit. No such need for so many refreshments, but that is up to you. However, response times of 1 ms are ideal for gaming and monitoring high-speed environments. The biggest advantage while you get using a TN panel is a swift 1ms reaction time. The quality of screen color is vastly superior, and the screen looks lively with colors. No need to worry about display problems because g-sync is here for you. It eradicates the lag and screen tearing by providing you an amusing and flat game. On the other hand, it maintains the quality of the image in the best possible way. 

You will surely notice a huge difference after viewing or gaming on a 240Hz screen if you’re used to 144Hz screens. This monitoring game is equipped with a light blue filter designed to protect the eyes during continuous gaming for 8 to 9 hours. It is flutter-free, so you will not suffer from headaches or dilemmas if you play for long periods. 

Observing Angle

TN panel is used in it, and it has a little bit of defect that slightly diminishes viewing angles. Many people prefer IPS over it because they are good at viewing angles. Anyway, you can easily alter the direction of the screen from upright and uplift views rely on what you require it. The screen has a resolution of approx (1920×1080). The contrast proportion for this screen is 1000:1, and the measure of brightness is 400cd/m2. However, you will not see the appropriate screen color contrast to IPS. But no worry because through normalization, you can get color perfection and a great image. You will love to experience the colorful and vivid graphics, whether it is an animation movie or a hurly-burly game. 

Stability And Durability

It is considered to be more stable than the competitive monitors if you are using it in the right way as described. It is seen that the durability of a gaming monitor depends upon its use side by side it’s quality, but its usage plays an important role in how an individual is utilizing it. You can also check the other computer’s gaming monitor’s durability and take a look at it so there will be an idea in your mind about it. 


You can easily link multiple devices at a single time. It comprises 1 screen port, 1 HDMI 4.0 Port, 1 HDMI 2.0 port. The two HDMI ports give 4k assistance, the 1.4 works at 30 frames, and the 2.0 works at 60 frames. It includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 into 2 W incorporated speakers with this gaming monitor. The quality of sound seems to be satisfactory however you own the choice to use external speakers for improved audio sound. 


A competitive gamer always needs this type of gaming monitor that fulfills all his needs. It is the best choice for a professional gamer to have because everything is up to the mark. Apart from this, viewers at home will not be able to view the best angle just because of the TN panel but the main person will have all the honor to enjoy and play. Side viewing angles disappoint you a little but the standard of the picture is upgraded and finest due to g-sync. 


It has a plain design consisting of a black closet with a flat finish. Its design and construction are found to be simple but efficient. OSD buttons are counted to be 6 in number and it is located in the bezel. It helps you in steering the OSD menu. The usage of OSD buttons seems to be quite easy. Its working quality is better and the plastic is also stable. It comprises 100 into 100 mm VESA lead, by using it you can link to another party easily.

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