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8 Quick fixes to enable USB accessories disabled on Mac[2020]

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USB accessories disabled is a common problem with Mac users. This is actually a hardware error. Predominately, Business professional and other people who use external hardware to complete their tasks, often face an error notification USB accessories disable. If you are a Mac user, you are at the right place to fix this error.

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Connectivity error

Why Mac users encounter this error?

Either you are a Macbook pro user or a Macbook Air user, there are very possible chances that you will encounter this error. When you connect external hardware drives, camera, keyboard, and a hub to your USB A, USB C, and Thunderbolt 3 port which takes too much power from Mac. You experience the error USB accessories disabled.

Sometimes, it is due to multiple external devices connected to the same Macbook. A Macbook can provide extra power to Apple devices (iPhone or iPad). A MacBook that uses the Windows Operating System can not provide extra power. So, long and short of the matter is you can resolve this issue by exercising some tips and tricks. Let us dive into the solutions without stretching the discussion.

Fix 1: Use self-powered devices

Self-powered devices are devices that do not use power from your Mac to perform a specific task. They gain power from an external electrical source or from a battery. In order to get rid of the error USB accessories disabled, try to use self-powered devices. Because high data is being transferred with the help of USB ports.

Also, you can use a self-powered USB Hub that will allow your all external devices to take power from the hub rather than Macbook.

External USB hub

So, check whether the devices you have connected to your Mac are self-powered or not.

Fix 2: Reduce the Number of Bus-powered Devices

Bus-powered devices are the devices that gain power from Mac when they are connected to Mac. They are not connected to any external source to take the required power.

Consequently, an error pops up on the screen USB accessories disabled. If you have to use bus-powered devices, you should unplug the unnecessary devices so that Mac could perform well.

Fix 3: Test Connection Cables

There is another reason for the error USB accessories disabled, that the cable you are using to connect different external hardware may be a damaged cable. Remove your old cable and try to connect your hardware with another cable. If the issue is resolved by changing the cable, that means the cable was out of order.

Always use a fine cable

Try to use the original Apple cable. Make sure you are using a power-specified cable for different ports. If all the tricks mentioned above are not helpful for you, we will go through some other tricks to solve your problem.

Have you tested the above-mentioned fixes? And still, having the same issue? Don’t worry, it is not the end.

Fix 4: Test the USB Port

To fix the error USB accessories disabled, try to connect external devices with another USB port. If there is an issue with the USB port then the error USB accessories disabled will be resolved by using an alternative USB port. Because different USB ports acquire different power. A USB port can provide 900mA power and the other can provide 500mA power.

Check whether your external drive requires 500mA power or 900mA power and connect accordingly.

Check the USB port power by the external device in an easy way

Info of USB port power

Current Available means that the port in which the device is connected to the Mac can provide 500mA and Current Requires means that the device which is connected to the Mac needs 500mA. In this way, Mac can perform smoothly. Hopefully, you will tackle your issue with this method.

Fix 5: Reset SMC(System Management Controller)

SMC is all about the hardware of Mac. When you experience a hardware-related issue, you need to reset SMC. It is a very suitable solution for the error USB accessories disabled. There are different methods to reset SMC for different Mac devices. Let us learn how to do it.

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

For a MacBook Pro and Macbook Air with a removable battery, we shall fix it by removing the battery.

iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro

It is very easy to reset SMC on iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro. It will take no time to reset SMC on these devices.

Reset SMC for non-removable battery Mac

Reset SMC on MacBook Pro and air

This is how you can reset SMC very easily to overcome the error USB accessories disabled.

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Fix 6: Reset PRAM(Parameter Random Access Memory)

Many of the users have resolved the error Usb accessories disabled by resetting PRAM. Let us have a sight of how you can do it without any difficulty.

Keys to reset PRAM

I hope these fixes will be much helpful for you. If you are still facing the error USB accessories disabled, let me tell you another fix.

Fix7: Reset MacBook

Resetting is the way with which you can unscramble most of the problems related to software and hardware. If you have tried all the fixes given above and still you are encountering the error USB accessories disabled. Don’t worry at all, let me tell you how you can reset your Mac to get rid of this error.

Restart your mac
Start Mac in recovery mode
Disk utility
Erase Macintosh HD
macOS installer


Fix 8: Change Logic Board

I am going to introduce you to a very effective and last fix for the error USB accessories disabled on Mac. It is about to change Logic Board(motherboard in Andriod case). When USB ports are not making connections with the Logic board, you need to go to the Apple store to replace it. It is far better to replace a Logic board rather than buying a new Macbook.

Make an Apple appointment

If other things are working well, I recommend you just change your Logic board.

I am very hopeful you will find the solution against a connectivity error USB accessories disabled in this article as this article provides deep knowledge about the fixes. But if you still have any confusion, I recommend a short video clip to make it clear.

Final words

Here, I tried my best to provide you all the possible and effective solutions to fix the error USB accessories disabled on Mac. Feel free to try All the fixes so that you could feel relaxed after winning a victory against the error. I hope you will find this article very useful.


Q. What does USB accessories disabled mean?

A. It means that the USB ports like USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C are not getting enough power from mac device. Then error message is shown on the screen.

Q. What is another name for Thunderbolt 3?

A. Simply, we can say that the other name of thunderbolt 3 is USB-C. But thunderbolt can transfer more data than USB-C.

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