[8 Best Ever Fixes] Kernel Mode Heap Corruption [2020]
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[8 Best Ever Fixes] Kernel Mode Heap Corruption [2020]

Kernel mode heap corruption has become a headache of computer users. Many users facing Kernel mode heap corruption blue screen error. But the point that worth mentioning is that this issue can be fixed easily.

Here, I’m going to show you how you can fix this error even if you’re not a computer geek. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Kerner mode heap corruption
BSOD system crashing error

Why Kernel Mode Heap Corruption Occurs?

There may be more than one reason for the occurrence of this error. Many users face great trouble due to kernel mode heap corruption error as it can crash your system.

In this error sometimes you can access your desktop sometimes you remain unable to access your desktop.

I am going to provide you a piece of deep knowledge about both the situations. Let us have a sight on the main reasons. It appears when your system has any software issue or hardware incompatibility, due to graphic card drivers issue or corrupted system files.

So, long story short, we can resolve it without the help of a technician. So, let us move towards fixes.

How to Fix Kernel Mode Heap Corruption Windows 10?

There are some possible ways to resolve kernel mode heap corruption.

  • Check Graphic Card Driver
  • Check for any other problematic driver
  • Check with system file checker (SFC)
  • Check with Deployment Image Servicing and Management(DISM)
  • Check for incompatible software
  • Chech for Graphic Card and memory hardware
  • Restore your system
  • Reinstall window

Fix 1: Check for Graphic Card Driver

Kernel mode heap corruption is mostly related to the driver problems. So, first of all, we’ll check for the drivers especially Graphic Card Driver. For Graphic Card Driver you can perform three types of process

  1. Update Graphic Card Driver
  2. Roll Back Graphic Card Driver
  3. Reinstall Graphic Card Driver

1: To update Graphic Card Driver, press Windows+X keys simultaneously, then click on Task Manager

In the task manager select Display Adapters and click on Update Driver Software

Kernel mode heapcorruption
Update driver/www.plusprewiew.com

If the reason behind the Kernel mode heap corruption is an outdated Graphic Card Driver Software it will resolve here. Many users experience this error after updating the Graphic Card driver.

If you face such a situation then you should Roll Back Graphics card driver.

2: To Roll Back Graphic card driver, Right-click on the specific graphics card in Task Manager and Display adapter section, click on Properties

kernel mode heap corruption
Rollback Graphic driver/www.minitoll.com

In the next pop up menu click on Driver and then click Roll Back Driver and click Ok.

Kernel mode heap corruption
Rollback driver/www.windowscentral.com

Choose any reason which you are facing and click Yes.

Keep in mind, if the Roll Back Driver option is not highlighted it means there is no driver to Roll Back.

3: To uninstall the current driver, first you need to install a fresh and new Graphic card driver then select an old diver and click on Uninstall device. Double click on the newly downloaded driver and Setup a new driver accordingly.

Kernel mode heap corruption
uninstallation old driver/www.drivereasy.com

To deal with graphic card drivers is a very hopeful method to fix Kernel mode heap corruption. If you could not fix this fix try next to fix.

Fix 2: Check for any other Problematic Driver

Kernel mode heap corruption can also be caused by any other problematic device. In order to search for other drivers that are a source of stop error Kernel mode heap corruption, run a Driver Verifier Manager.

Press Windows logo key+X at the same time, click on Windows Powershell(admin), type Verifier in the next dialogue box, and click Enter.

Driver Verifier Manager will be launched and it will notify that ”The Operation completed successfully”.

In the next dialogue box Click on Create Standard setting and click Next

kernel mode heap corruption
manage the driver verifier/www.isumsoft.com

Select Automatically select all drivers to install in the computer, click Finish. It will scan for the drivers that need to be executed.

After proceeding the notified drivers boot your system and check whether the error Kernel mode heap corruption is resolved or not. If not let us jump to the next fix.

Fix 3: Check with System File Checker(SFC)

After checking with the system file checker you will be able to identify corrupted files in your system that may be a source of Kernel mode heap corruption error. Let us start,

Click on the windows search option and write in search bar cmd, then Run as administrator.

Kernel mode heap corruption
Run as administrator/www.groovypost.com

Click Yes in the Windows Comand Processor pop up menu, and write sfc /scannow in the command prompt.

Kernel mode heap corruption
Run Windows command/www.computertechnition.com
Kernel mode heap corruption
Scanning with SFC/www.windows central.com

Let your system complete the process as it will take some time. After completion of the process restart the system to check that the Kernel mode heap corruption error vanished or not. If you still experience it try the next step.

Fix 4: Check with Deployment Image Servicing and Management(DISM)

DISM will scan for the window, if there is an issue with window installation and fix it. By following the steps given above to go to the Windows Command Process Click Yes and write in the prompt command,

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth (please write it in an exact way) and click Enter

Kernel mode heap corruption
Scanning with DISM/www.window10.guru

If your system will have any issues DISM will detect and remove them. Restart the computer and check whether you have got ride of the Kernel mode heap corruption or not.

Fix 5: Check for Incompatible Software

If Kernel mode heap corruption stop code appears when you try to install a software like a video game, which is not compatible with the current Windows operating system, the system will show Kernel mode heap corruption error.

For example, video game software which is compatible with the windows 10. If you will try to install such type of software in windows 7/8, Kernel mode heap corruption BSOD stop code appears.

In this situation, you need to run the program in compatibility mode. Follow these steps to do so

Right-click on the software you want to run in compatibility mode and click on Properties, next pop up menu will be like this

Kernel mode heap corruption
Change setting-compatibility mode apply/www.howtoconnect.com

Click Compatibility, choose windows operating system, click Apply, and OK.

If the software is incompatible with the Windows operating system it will resolve by applying this fix. If you still face this situation you should uninstall the conflicting software

Press Windows logo key+R at the same time and click Run, type cpl in the search option, and click Enter. It will open a new window Programs and Features. Right-click on the incompatible software and uninstall it.

Kernel mode heap corruption
uninstalling software/www.hpsupport.com

You can try all these methods when you can access your desktop. If you are unable to access the desktop, I recommend you to check for hardware issues as given below.

Fix 6: Check for Memory Hardware

First of all, check that you have inserted RAM in the right slot. Many users said that they have resolved their error Kernel mode heap corruption by putting RAM in the right slot.

Secondly, Run windows memory diagnostic tool to check the issues related to Randon Access Memory (RAM).

Press Windows logo key+R simultaneously to open the Run dialogue box, write mdsched.exe and click OK.

Kernel mode heap corruption
Diagnose process/www.winaero.com

Choose Restart now and check for problems to diagnose problems

Kernel mode heap corruption
Diagnose the issue/www.howtogeek.com

Go through the next process and let the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool work its way.

Kernel mode heap corruption
RAM diagnostic process/www.windowscentrel.com

If this tool does not find any issue it means your system has no Memory issue. If it diagnoses any issue, simply take an appointment from the hardware manufacturer to replace the RAM.

Fix 7: Restore Your System

If you experience the error Kernel mode heap corruption after Window update, I recommend you to restore the system to remove the update. Follow these simple steps to restore the system to the last update,

Press Windows+S and write Restore in the search bar

Kernel mode heap corruption

Choose the first option, in the Restore setting click on System Protection and then System Restore

Kernel mode heap corruption
Restore update/www.computerhope.com

Click OK and perform the next task

Kernel mode heap corruption

Click next. After the completion of the process, I am very hopeful that your error will be resolved

Fix 8: Reinstall Window

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and you are still facing stop code Kernel mode heap corruption, finally you have to reinstall a fresh window.

For knowing an easy way to reinstall a fresh window watch this video so that no confusion could exist and you could get rid of the Kernel mode heap corruption windows 10 quickly.

Don’t forget to secure your important files before reinstallation.

Final words

I hope you will find this article very helpful to fix Kernel mode heap corruption in Windows 10. If you have tried any other method helpful for you, please inform us in the comments for the easiness of everyone.