Quickly Fix ‘waiting for available socket’ Error [5 Tips With Pictures]

When it comes to web browsers, No one can beat Chrome in its amazing features. That’s why Chrome was a mostly used browser in 2019 by beating safari and opera mini. But sometimes chrome users face “waiting for available socket” error while browsing.

Quickly Fix waiting for available socket Error in Chrome [With Pictures]

I know users, this issue is frustrating. But as we know, every problem comes with the solution. There are also proven solutions for the Chrome waiting for available socket error. Before we go to break each element down, Let us take a short note to identify why this error occurs while browsing in Chrome.

What Does Waiting for available Socket mean?

The users encounter this issue when the data and images overloaded to the chrome browser. When you browse any website on Google, Chrome keeps safe some data in order to fast your browsing. Once there are a lot of cookies get saved, you may face Chrome waiting for available socket error. The good news is, you can fix these errors by using the top 5 methods. Let’s dive into the method one.

Top 5 Best Methods to Get rid of Waiting for available Socket Error in 5-minute

Solution 1:Force Open Sockets on Chrome

You can take this method in only 30 seconds. All you have to do is to follow the below method step by step, and it might be it works for you. Let’s have a look at it.

1: Visit your Google chrome and paste “Chrome://net-internals” in the search bar, then press Enter.

2:Now, you may notice five options at the left bottom. Move the cursor to the Sockets option.

Quickly Fix waiting for available socket Error in Chrome [With Pictures]

3:On this page, you have two options. The one is Flush Socket Pools’ and last is close idle sockets.

4:Choose the second option to clear all previous data.

Did you find this method helpful? No !ok, let’s try out the next method.

 Solution 2: Use Flush DNS Method  

Before we move forward to try more techniques, I think it would be a great idea to try this short method. This method has worked for many chrome users. Might be it works for you. Let’s make a start.

1:Open Chrome and type “Chrome://net-internals” in the search bar then press Enter.

2:From the top left menu, select ‘DNS ‘.

Quickly Fix waiting for available socket Error in Chrome [With Pictures]

3:Click on  Clear host cache.

4:This will clear all cache of your browser in seconds.

5:Go back and check your browser for the error.

Solution 3. Delete Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing cookies and cache would be a great idea if the first step won’t work for you. This step is also easy, and to be taken in less than 5 minutes. Let’s take a second method.

1:The first step is to open your Google chrome.

2:Click on the Menu icon and open chrome settings.

3: Move down to the Privacy and Security section and open click on it.

4:Now, click on Clear browsing history.Quickly Fix waiting for available socket Error in Chrome [With Pictures]

5:Select the time range and move forward.

6:Here, three options will be available, leave the first one, and hit the mark on Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.

7:Move your cursor to Clear data.Quickly Fix waiting for available socket Error in Chrome [With Pictures]

Wait for a while for the completion process then close Chrome and relaunch it again.

Hopefully, the error waiting for the available socket would have fixed now. If you’re still searching for beer solution then lets jump to method 4.

Solution 4:Remove Unnecessary  Extensions from Toolbar

No doubt, extensions are super helpful for internet users. But sometimes, a bad extension gets installed in our PC itself and it causes different issues like waiting for available socket error. Your only job is to check the extension setting and examine whether these extensions are helpful or just freezing your browser. Let’s take step by step guide to remove the unnecessary extensions.

1:The first step is to open your Google chrome.

2:Click on the Menu icon and hit More tools.


3:Now choose Extensions.


4:From here you can remove the extension which you want.

Solution 5: Update your Chrome Browser

The developers often release patches and updates to add more features to Chrome and fix some glitches, Sometimes, an outdated browser may cause different issues, and waiting for available socket error is one of them. This step can be taken in less than 3 minutes. Let’s discuss easy steps to update Chrome in no time.

  1. Run your browser and hit three dots icon and click on the Help option.

  1. Use the option ‘About Google Chrome.’
  2. After clicking this, Chrome will automatically start checking for the latest update.
  3. The browser will ask you if there is any update available.
  4. After taking the step, close the tab and  try to relaunch your browser

I hope this solution will work for you. If you’re still facing the error, “Gmail waiting for available socket” then this is the best time to try the final step.

Solution 6: Switch to other Browser

I know this is not easy to switch to another browser, but if you don’t want to waste your time, you have to look for another alternative. I agree with that, other browsers come with fewer resources, but they also have a wider audience. A report shows that the Opera browser is being used by 68 million desktop users and has 232 million users on mobile. Mind-boggling right?

In addition to the opera browser, you can also try Firefox, Safari, and Brave, etc. So, it depends on your interest in which browser you would like to use.

Final words :

So this was all about waiting for available socket error. I hope our excellent guide has solved your issue. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions related to Chrome waiting for available socket error. We’re always here to help you.

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