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How to Use Airtel WiFi Pack [2 Easy Tricks to Avail It in 2020]

Headed to Google to find out the easiest ways to use Airtel wifi pack”? Well, you may find this article super handy. We are providing simple steps to fix this problem without going to hot water. Before that, let’s know a little bit about Airtel.

Airtel is the biggest telecom company in India. It is a global telecommunication company. It provides its services billion of people around the world. The founder of this company is ‎Sunil Bharti Mittal.

There’re two types of customers who use the services of Airtel :

Prepaid— Prepaid means money paid before
Postpaid— Postpaid means money paid after

What is Airtel wifi Pack?

This Airtel wifi pack is a prepaid recharges pack offered by Airtel. It provides free ability to enjoy free service of wifi in specific areas. It has a different amount of data access provided to the users.

Benefits of Airtel wifi Pack

There are some benefits of Airtel that make it valuable compare to other networks. Do you know the best part of Airtel? It gives free wifi in a certain location such as airports, railway stations, and malls. In selected areas, you can free access to the internet. Those areas are called “Airtel wifi zones”.

It gives free wifi usage. It has consistent speed and unlimited coverage. If you connect the wifi at once then you can connect it automatically whenever you enter the Airtel wifi zone.

2 Useful Ways to Use Airtel WIFI Pack

Method 1: Sign up to Avail Package 

As we said before that you can only use the Airtel wifi pack in selected areas. For this purpose, you have to visit Airtel wifi zones. It is providing services free of cost.

To use the wifi pack you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1:Visit the place in which free wifi service is available

Step 2:Now turn on the wifi of your mobile

Step 3:Find out the Airtel wifi network.

Step 4:Click on connect. After connecting it you will receive a sign-up page.

Step 5:Enter your phone number and wait for OTP.

Step 6:Submit the OTP, click on sign in

Step 7: Now you are connected to the free Airtel wifi. You can enjoy free wifi services.

Method 2: Connect WIFI through “My Airtel” App

You can use this pack through the app “My Airtel”. There are some steps that you have to follow.

Step 1:First, you need to download the app “My Airtel”

Airtel wifi pack

Step 2:Open the “My Airtel” app and scroll to the “Airtel Wifi”. Now go to the menu and click on Airtel wifi

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Step 3: Then register the Airtel mobile number and click on submit.

Step 4: You will receive an OPT through SMS

Step 5: Accept all permission then click on “connect” it

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Step 6:Congrats, you have successfully connected Airtel wifi. Now you are free to enjoy free Airtel wifi.

airtel wifi pack

Once You enter the Airtel wifi zone then your device automatically connects to the wifi.

In which areas you can utilize free Airtal wifi?

Airtel is providing free wifi services in specific areas. You can use its services in only those areas. So, you have to be in those areas to try free Airtel wifi pack services.

Airtel wifi 10gb pack

This offer is for prepaid customers. They can avail of this offer of using a free 10 Gb pack. It offer can be used in specific cities like Bangalore, Noida, and Dehli. Airtel is currently providing these services to limited cities in India. But in the future Airtel will expand this offer in other cities.

This service also available at the metro station, malls, airports, and some more areas.


How to use a 10Gb Airtel wifi pack?

This offer can only be used by prepaid customers in particular areas. In which areas where free wifi is provided by Airtel.

How to use a wifi pack of airtel? 

Airtel wifi pack is an offer for prepaid costumers which they can use it in limited areas.

What is Airtel wifi zones? 

In those areas where free wifi is available for the users of Airtel are called “Airtel wifi zones”.

How to use the Airtel wifi pack?

You can utilize this pack by using two methods. The most important thing is you have to go to Airtel wifi zones then connect your device with airtel wifi. You can use it by using the sign-up method. The best part? You can also use this pack by using the app”My Airtel”.

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